Ive resigned from the council

Cant really start todays blog apart from the news that today I resigned from Liverpool City council or Liverpool Direct Limited as it is also known as. My last day in work will be Friday 28th August 2009. I started working for the council in January 2001 as a benefits officer and have decided that after my notice period expires I will have a couple of weeks off before I start doing the same work for an agency and basically more than doubling my wage. The masterplan is that I do my teacher training after one year in September 2010. But to be honest if things are going well with agency work I will most probably push that back to September 2011. This means that for a couple of weeks in September both me and the wife will not be working (Mrs Fay starts Sept 14th.) Does this mean we can turn into Jim and Barbara Royle ? Can we sit off all day getting stoned pushing the kids down to the jobby to pick up Mrs Fays Jobseekers Allowance ? Will I become addicted to daytime TV ? None of thease will happen (Or at least I hope not.) I will be looking to hit the gym for a few weeks to get me in shape for a new start. My boozing will also be cut down as I wont be able to go out on the ale and then drive at 6.30 in the morning so a new job should see a slight improvement in health. Handing in my resignation is not  decision I have not taken lightly but I am sure it is the right decision. If I did not make this decision I think I will still be in the same council seat in 2025 saying if only. It will be hard leaving as I have made some friends over the years and it is also a wrench to get out of the comfort zone. The agency will be a tough job as it will involve increased travel and four days a week each at ten hours, but as mentioned you are rewarded with increased pay. So no doubt I will be revisiting this subject over the next few weeks as it is no doubt one of the biggest decisions of my life so far. Wish me luck.


How one man got stuck in a drain

Click the above link for the great story of how a man got stuck down a drain !!! What makes people do such strange things and to top it of it was his birthday as well, the muppet. Saying that if my beloved iphone got stuck anywhere I could see all my common sense going out of the window. Would have to be a pretty large drain to get my beer gut down there in the first place. Speaking of which played footy tonight and the first exercise for two weeks. Could not really get into it and I put that down to the slight sniffle I have. There will be no time off when I work for the agency as I wont be getting any sick pay. They will be wheeling me in full plaster cast to earn a dollar. Must get to the gym if only to give my notice in as when I start a new job in September I just wont have the time to go.

No blog tomorrow as I am off to watch Deacon Blue for another time. They are the band I have seen most live and I cant believe its 22 years since I bought “Raintown” on cassette and played it as I done my Liverpool Echo paper round. Got some decent seats and its always a good show as the Liverpool crowd are always well up for it but it borders on being too pissed at times. I will be meeting Mrs Fay beforehand and going for a gourmet burger and then out afterwards for a few beers and a cider.

Short blog tonight as nothing else has inspired me to post and it just leaves me to give you Thursdays game of the week. This week its EA Sports fight night round 4. A good game for solo mode or playing between mates.

Featuring a re-written gameplay engine, EA Sports Fight Night Round 4 will add a variety of fighting styles and boxer differentiation to authentically emulate the greatest fighters of all time.

Pressure your opponent with the brawling inside style of young Mike Tyson, bobbing and weaving to set up powerful hooks and uppercuts. Capitalise on Muhammad Ali’s reach, hand speed and fleetness of foot to bewilder your opponent with lightning fast jabs and straights from the outside.

For the first time in history, EA Sports Fight Night Round 4 gives you the opportunity to pit these legendary heavyweights against one another and name a true champ.

No fight will be the same with an all-new physics-based animation system that recreates the full spectrum of true-to-life punch impacts, giving boxers a devastating arsenal of punches, blocks and ring movement.

The new physics system allows for missed punches, glancing punches, knockout blows and for the first time ever, rough and tumble inside fighting. Fatigue, adrenaline, footwork and timing all come into play as you hammer away at your opponents.

Fight Night

Thats it so see you Saturday.


Fay x

Up above the streets and houses.

Finally got our courtesy car today after last weeks crash so the family is mobile again. Just need an assessor to go to our car now and see if they are gonna fix it or write it off. There is also the matter of the damage to the right side of the car which the person who hit it from the back is not accepting responsibility for but hopefully the assessor will do the business. I am actually hoping the car gets written off as I quite fancy a new one where I can bang my numerous ipods straight in. Got a nice ford focus at the moment and although I do not really use the car that much it will come in handy if I need to visit my dad in Blackburn hospital.

Another struggle in work today and managed to do less hours than yesterday. Came home with all great intentions of making it to the gym but alas I ended up having an afternoon snooze. Woke up refreshed but means I will be up until all hours tonight. Could be a good chance to catch up on my sky plus seeing as Mrs Fay has gone out for a meal. I could even get the treadmill and wii fit step out but that large bar of crunchie cadburys chocolate is smiling at me from the fridge. Gonna have to resist the lure of that half a bottle of rose and a couple of cans of bud. Holiday greed has extended into this week and another new regime will start on Monday.

Slow blog today but noticed this on the BBC website LINK An estate agent has won the job of being the new witch of Wookey Hole, beating around 1000 other applicants. Carole Bohanan auditioned with 300 would-be witches, who were told they must like cats, caves and cackling. Cant help but thing the mother in law would have been nailed on for that job (Disclaimer the author is only jesting)

So got the little one in bed before writing this paragraph and the eldest was watching kids TV when an old episode of Rainbow came on. Now I was a massive fan of rainbow when I was little and my eldest likes it and also has all the teddies as they did not do anything like that in my day. This episode was about making a home made rocket and flying to the moon which would not have been that long after the original moon landings as Geoffrey was looking young so must have been very early 80’s. The home made rocket finally blasted off into space after a some what cocked up countdown by George where in the end Zippy just shouted blast off. He is a naughty bastard that Zippy one. The flew into the garden when captain Geoffrey said to captain Bungle “all ready to land on the moon.” Bungle replied “But Geoffrey this is the garden” Geoffrey should have replied “But your just a man in a giant bear suit but I am going along with this shit.” But he replied “just pretend Bungle.” I love rainbow it has a special place in my heart but I still cant get my head around why Bungle has a giant pair of yellow trousers on. Must have been the stage before he and George came out. Geoffrey can be seen below quite clearly in his S&M gear. The things you do not get onto as a child.


Wednesdays blog means random thought for the week. This week I am thinking why do car insurance companies make it so hard when you need to claim ? Is it any wonder people just dont bother and save the money and then when they get caught are banned but then just drive without a license. Only my wifes previous knowledge managed to get us a courtesy car. Off to listen to more Spotify I am addicted.


Fay x

I spy with my little eye something beginning with S…………

First day back in work today and managed to crawl in dead on 10am. Bit of a backlog in my work tray but that will soon be cleared. Two people still of with swine flu on our team but they are on the road to recovery. Otherwise same old shit in work. I was very proud of myself and managed to stay until 3.15 which was only just 45 mins short of my contracted 6 hours. I know I work too hard but I am easing myself in after my holiday and subsequent disasters. I will finish the week off with three full days and try and claw back some of my flexi time.

Still addicted to this Spotify as mentioned in yesterdays blog. I spent the whole of last night listening to really bad 80’s tunes , none of which I would buy. The hits included “Labour of love” Hue & Cry , “Calling all the heros” It Bites and who can forget the classic “We don’t have to take our clothes off” by Jermaine Stewart. Who can fail to forget this gem with lyrics such as  “We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time. Oh no. We could dance & party all night (all night) And drink some cherry wine Uh huh Na na na na na na na…………” Now I have no idea what cherry wine is and a quick wikipedia shows that poor old Jermaine died of an AIDS related illness in 1997. Cant say I am surprised by that news. Now I would never buy the songs mentioned but Spotify lets you queue them up like a jukebox and for free. Great for digging out some old classics you would not be seen dead with on your ipod. Currently listening to U2 best of 1980-1990 on Spotify.

Decided to take a stroll down the shop about 8pm tonight to get some chocolate for me and Mrs Fay. I opted for a Toffee Crisp tonight as it will go down nicely after the glass of rose I am having now whilst typing this blog. Outside the shop were some youths. I used to say kids but now I am a responsible adult and parent I have started using youths. Kids are generally good but youths means they are bad and all up to no good and a general menace to society. I mean I was an angel when I was a youth , oops sorry kid. The youths were on the ale. Nothing else to do on a rainy summers night is there he says looking at his glass of rose. Now the choice of ale was pretty poor. They were drinking cans of Carlsberg. Now this is really a piss poor drink. I wonder if the credit crunch is filtering down the economic chain and pocket money or the amount left in mums purse to nick has decreased. In my day it was either some top premium lager like Tenants Super which tasted of treacle and nailed on to make you sick. Other choices were Thunderbirds. Now to stop you all getting into an argument red thunderbird was 17.5% and Blue Thunderbird was 13.5%. I off course would not be seen dead on the streets of Liverpool in the early 90’s drinking the weaker Blue Thunderbirds. Only the hard knock red for me. The third option was the infamous mad dog 20/20. All of the three drinks tasted like shite but to get in the mood to boogie down to Technotronic and then have a snog to Color me badd’s “I wanna sex you up” you needed a pretty stiff drink. At least the Carlsberg consumers were drinking it through several straws as we all know now that it gets you pissed quicker ;0)


Before I met the carlsberg drinking , straw using youths of today when I was walking over the bridge into Garston village I spotted a rare site. I spy with my little eye something beginning with S…………

It was the sun. The Sun that is the star at the center of the Solar System. The Earth and other matter (including other planetsasteroidsmeteoroidscomets, and dustorbit the Sun, which by itself accounts for about 99.86% of the Solar System’s mass. Dont say I never teach you anything kids. It soon went and its gonna piss down all day tomorrow as well. Those of you that know me know I am a keen amateur weather man. This shitty weather looks set to stay until at least the middle of August. I so hope I am wrong so in case I am not here is that little beauty I seen tonight.


Tuesday is link of the day so a bit of self promoting here. My weather site for Liverpool UK is Liverpool Weather Live. It provides live and historical weather data and you can also follow me on twitter @Liverpoolweath. Oh well off to get some straws for my rose.


Fay x

My day out to Blackburn via…….

Decided to go and see my dad today as he is in hospital with a broken leg after being knocked over. Due to the joys of car insurance companies we are still without a courtesy car. Because of this I took the chance of a extra day off work. This leaves me with one day until October 1st give or take a few flexi days. So I decided to brave public transport and get the train to Blackburn. I left my house at 11.40 and three trains later I arrived spot on 2.30 which was the start of visiting times. My dad was ok. A bit tired and still in some pain from his leg but as mentioned on a previous blog it could have been a whole lot worse. I passed him a pack of 20 duty free ciggies I brought him back from Spain. (He can have the rest when he comes out.) He still smokes despite having one lung out and also a small matter of a brain tumour , get your head around that one as I cant. So had a quick chat with him and passed him some stuff. The usual newspaper , drink and some chocolate. So 15 mins had passed and next thing a man came in and said we are ready to take you down Mr Fay. I said to my dad “down” to which he replied “Yes time for the operation on my broken leg” So that was that. I said my goodbye and hopefully see him once this bloody car is sorted. So after the hike up to Blackburn on three trains it was time to come home. Another three trains and just on six hours after I left my house I was back home.  So for my 15 mins in the hospital I travelled for 5 hours and 45 mins. Point of note here that all 6 trains I got were on time and the trip went like clockwork if only about three times as long as it would have taken in the car. Here is the fun route to Blackburn with an extra stop in Liverpool at the end. It only cost £13.60 for such a fun filled day out !!!!

Liverpool South Parkway >>>>>>>> Manchester Oxford Road >>>>>>>>>>Salford Crescent>>>>>>>Blackburn

Blackburn>>>>>>>>Preston>>>>>>>>>>Liverpool Lime Street……walk to Liverpool Central>>>>>>>Liverpool South Parkway>>>>>>>Local off license for 6 cans of bud and a biscuit boost.

Choo Choo

The six cans of bud are therapy (ha ha ha not again) as to put it bluntly I fucking hate Blackburn. I have had to go to the same hospital in the past when my mum was ill and also the hospice in which she died was also in Blackburn and the memories of driving up from Liverpool every day waiting for her to die will never leave me. I also had the great task of registering her death and as she died in Blackburn I had to register the death in Blackburn and not Liverpool so one last bastard trip up there , until father feck decided to break his leg. To cement its place as most bastard place on earth todays 6 hour epic for 15 mins of visiting time. Hopefully my dad will be out soon and I will never have to go back , unless its for a Liverpool away game.

Noticed in the news today that spotify have submitted an application for the iphone. I had heard of spotify but never really looked into it so I downloaded it this morning before my Blackburn expedition as I am now calling it. Next time I am gonna get a sherpa to go with me it was that long. Spotify lets you play songs for free with some adverts now and again. It also has a premium edition which loses the adverts and gives you a better quality sound. I have just listened to a live album from Seal whilst typing this with the odd advert. Seems to have quite a lot of music on it and you can also create playlists. The premium is £9.99 a month. I think if the iphone application gets passed I will deffo subscribe to this as one album a month is a tenner. I have a feeling Apple might knock this one back. Not sure how many latest albums are on but the back catalogues seem very good. Here is the link and well worth a look for music lovers SPOTIFY

So back to work tomorrow and just two people on our team off with swine flu. I might visit one of them at home and give em a snog so I can have another week off. On my first can as I type this and might as well round of my holiday in style. I deserve it after the car crash , dad being run over and my 6 hours Blackburn road trip. Last note Elizabeth has just come in with a strop on as her friend called her a “fucker” !!! This friend is only 6 but was told by an older girl. Oh the joys of parenting. Mondays selection is clip of the week. People who know me know of my interest in the weather. Watch this spectacular footage as a freight train goes head to head with a tornado…..who will win…??? FREIGHT TRAIN


Fay x

From sunny Spain to disaster zone Liverpool

So back from Spain to 14c and rain. I did not expect anything different. Holiday was great. Weather was hot for Spain. Charlotte was fine but Elizabeth was suffering a bit. Not sure if she had a mild case of swine flu or it was just a holiday cold and cough. We will never know. Just waiting for Norris McWhirter to rise from his grave to see if I have beaten my previous Guinness world record of number of hamburgers consumed on a weeks holiday. Benalmadena is your normal Spanish resort. Lovely promenade which takes you to a cracking marina and if your fit you can walk for about another three miles into Torremelinos. The hotel was great. It was called the Sunset Beach Club. It was situated right on the beach and had two large pools and a baby pool. It also had  a games room and entertainment arena. I had to watch High School Musical in Spanish one night !!! I highly recommend booking an Easyjet to Malaga and booking the hotel direct to get a great holiday. We went through a package deal and got a decent price. One final note on the holiday is that the Spanish have long been what we call green (It was to save money originally for them before the word carbon footprint had been invented) with for example electricity only working when your room card is in and also when you go to the toilet in a pub you have to press the light on when you go in. This worked fine the first time I went. The second time there was a man in there so I though the sensor would keep the light on. He left and all of of a sudden I was plunged into darkness in mid piss. After a few seconds panic I though oh there is a sensor in here so I started swishing it about awaiting the light to come on. Still darkness. It was then I gave in and swished my arm about instead. Bingo the light come on. I walked out to the family humiliated. In the words of Jegsy Dodd “Fellas always go out with a lady with small hands. It makes you feel so , so much bigger”


So that was the lovely holiday. Back in blighty a number of events were occuring that we didnt know about. Part 1 of this was that my sister in law had a crash on the motorway and has wrote our car off. She was forced into the central reservation by some bad van driving. She came to a stop but was then hit from the back. Thankfully she is OK and to add to matters she is pregnant and she was with her pregnant friend and young child. All pretty shook up as you would be but nothing major. Because of the nature of the accident it could be a mess just to get a courtesy car but in the grand scheme of things as long as everybody is fine a car is just a lump of metal.

So part 2 then unfolded. Not wanting to be outdone my dad was knocked over on Saturday. He has come of slightly worse as he has broken his leg. He moved to Clitheroe in 1992 and is now in Blackburn hospital. Bit of a bummer as I dont have a car at the moment. He is not in the best of health anyway so it could be a longer than normal road to recovery. So coming home from my holiday thinking about the fun and games back in England and thinking about post holiday blues I looked out of the plane at the sunset and had a ponder. It really was a lucky double escape and I could have been coming home to total carnage. So what if its pissing down and I am due back in work Monday (Gonna make it Tuesday now.) Some things in life are priceless.


Delayed posting this as I have to inform family of my dads accident. Not very nice to find out this way.


Fay x

A viva Espana es Nutella

Holiday blogging how sad. Writing the draft of this on the plane on my iPhone. Arriving at the airport, checking in and going through customs was the easiest I have ever been through. Always a bonus with two kids in tow. Had my usual pre flight meal of a plain double whopper and chips. Kids not too bad on the plane and so far so good. Soon be in Spain. Sun ,sea and no sausage rolls for a week.

Hotel is great. Right on the beach and two big pools and a baby pool. Free wifi in the hotel bar and hence posting this via my iPhone. Had a quiet first night and all systems go for Sunday. Mrs Fay was good to me and let me go and watch the cricket and golf. Gutted for Tom Watson , a little piece of history was on there and he blew it. 7 pints later and I met the family and we went for a nice meal and walked into Benalmadena harbour. It was very busy but very nice. I’m thinking it will be quieter once the weekend has passed. Kids were up late but then had a nice lie in until 9.30 on Monday. Lazy day by the pool. The highlight or should I say lowlight was the aqua aerobics. It must be something about the sun in Spain that makes anybody with a white body act like a knobhead at times on holiday. All shapes and colours ranging from white to pink through to bright red were wobbling in the pool.

I have been to the supermarket to stock up on the essentials. Diet Coke , hot dogs , Heinz tomato sauce , salt and vinegar crisps and the old holiday fave Nutella. I only ever buy Nutella on holiday. Can’t beat sitting on the balcony with a spoon demolishing nutella. None of this French shite of putting it on bread just pure indulgance. Oh well off to get ready for Monday night and I will update the blog again then and post it when in my free wifi zone.

Past 12 now so best post and blog later.


Fay x

October weather , chrimbo songs and Spanish Sun.

What a shitty days weather. Its meant to be the middle of July but the weather is like October. On the bright side I am off to Spain with the family tomorrow so I hope it pisses down for the next week. The forecast is looking in my favour. Elizabeth was getting a few things ready for the holiday and decided to put a CD on. She only put on Now Thats What I Call Christmas. Driving home for Christmas was the offending song. That was enough to send me the offy for six cans of bud to ease myself into holiday mode. Its such a joy leaving work for a week even if I did have to stay until 4pm to make my flexi leave. Just been converting some DVD’s for Elizabeth to put on her ipod touch. Now at the age of five I think I owned a prized cassette player. I had such cutting technology as either hold the thing up to tape some Boney M jukebox singles or go for the tape the charts of the radio option. Both required a fair degree of luck that your mother wouldnt walk in the room and speak during recording. Ahh the memories of the late 70’s and early 80’s. The joys of being allowed in my parents room to watch the black and white portable as a treat to watch “Thats Life” on a Sunday night. The next giant leap was uprading our binatone pong game for a ZX Spectrum. The walkman was next on the scence and the mid 80’s brought us high speed dubbing. You could record tape to tape at half the time !!! Handy for making copies of Genesis “Invisible Touch.” Who would of thought that I would end up with a phone like the Iphone 3GS. A long way from my first cassette player. I cant even begin to think what I will be buying in another 25 years. I wonder if being 60 then I will have slipped into I cant possibly work thease things mode ?


So its off to Sunny Spain tomorrow. Just like the UK in Spain really. Passing down the road its signs for beer , chips , sky sports , chips , beer , sky sports. Its funny how there is no law on “moobage” on holiday. I like many other beer bellied Englishmen do not hesitate to get our man boobs out. But given the same weather the other week here I wouldnt dreamt of walking into Garston village with my top off. How about a little visit to Speke retail park. Hang on luv just popping my top off before we go around. I dont think so. I almost had my first Jim Royle moment the other day and was gonna buy a vest for my holiday. I was thinking handy to cover up and not get sunburnt but get a nice tan on my arms. I decided against it. I had a vision of the future when all I wore was vests. They were tie dyed with bean juice and had a few crumbs of Seabrook crisps stuck on them. A wise decision to hold off the vest , for now.

Serious subject to end with and the illness of John Hartson the footballer ( Former Wales footballer John Hartson remains in a critical but stable condition after emergency surgery on his brain following a cancer diagnosis. It is a week since the 34-year-old ex-Arsenal and Celtic player was told he had testicular cancer. The disease spread to his brain and on Wednesday, doctors confirmed it was also present in his lungs.) I know the face of cancer all to well. I have a feeling John Hartson couldve been in so much better position if he went to the doctors straight away when finding something. I think he was too scared and has lost valuable time in his battle. So remember kids any signs go the doctors. Better safe than sorry. Good luck to Mr Hartson and I am off to check my balls.

Friday is twitter related day. Here are some more to follow @blowersh @kenbrownbbc @jasonbradbury @pauldalglish @liverpoolweatherlive

Might try and blog via my iphone when I am away.


Fay x