One small step for man , one giant sausage roll crawl for me.

Well that was a wet game of footy and I think its gonna piss down all night and tomorrow as well !!! Nice win tonight 3-2 and a goal. An update on OB the achilles is that he got out of the Royal today after his operation was delayed for a few days. He is in some pain as well poor sod. This Swine flu is gonna get bigger and bigger over the next weeks and months. A person in work had to stay of today because their husband was a confirmed case. It is also in Elizabeth’s school. We go away on Saturday so I just hope none of us develop it whilst we are away. If I did I wonder if I could phone in work sick ? Technically I am sick and unable to work but being in Spain might be a problem. It seems to me that people do not really know what is happening with swine flu and also what to do as the numbers grow. I have full trust in the government anyway.

40 years ago today man set foot on the moon. I have been watching a few things on BBC iplayer and it still amazes me that they landed on the moon. The technology at the time wasnt very good and a modern calculator has better technology. I would like to go to the moon although the lack of Sayers the bakers on the way could be a problem. Back to Sayers in a mo. I think India are trying to put a man back on the moon and I think a new generation would be excited by this and it would have people watching and increase the interest in space travel again.

My Sayers idea whilst scoffing a sausage roll on my dinner today was when its Radio City’s give a child a chance weekend I was gonna try and organise a sponsored sausage roll crawl. I was thinking of getting Radio City onboard along with Sayers. Good publicity for both. I was gonna start at Bootle strand and work my way into town. I plan to go to every Sayers in town before heading out the south end finishing off in Speke. The plan would be to get sponsorship by setting an online page up. I could also collect donations on the day. I could tweet and update on facebook throughout the day and also Radio City could give updates and do an outside broadcast and even one up the tower with me munching one from the branch at the bottom of the tower. Before Radio City bought that I was gonna buythat as my house after I won the lottery. All back to mine after the 051. Great view and Sayers underneath. Sayers would have to provide me one small sausage roll in each shop. I was gonna walk so 9am start in Bootle. This would help offset possibly the largest single calorific intake in one day of my life. I think I might email Sayers and pitch it to them. It would be quite ironic if I was to become the sausage roll man of Liverpool


So Thursdays is game of the week and its Playstation 3 and Buzz- Brain of the UK.

With more than 4000 questions all about the UK as well as general knowledge – all of which you can play with your friends at home or online against other trivia fans on PlayStation®Network – you won’t be able to put your wireless buzzer down.

Compete for the high score on the national leaderboard and play with up to eight friends across five trivia channels: Movies and TV, Music, Sport, Lifestyle and Knowledge. Then, when you’ve mastered your national knowledge, go online at to write your own quizzes or download extra premium quiz packs from the PlayStation Store.

So far Mrs Fay still has not managed to beat me , ha ha ha.

Buzz UK


Fay x


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