Up above the streets and houses.

Finally got our courtesy car today after last weeks crash so the family is mobile again. Just need an assessor to go to our car now and see if they are gonna fix it or write it off. There is also the matter of the damage to the right side of the car which the person who hit it from the back is not accepting responsibility for but hopefully the assessor will do the business. I am actually hoping the car gets written off as I quite fancy a new one where I can bang my numerous ipods straight in. Got a nice ford focus at the moment and although I do not really use the car that much it will come in handy if I need to visit my dad in Blackburn hospital.

Another struggle in work today and managed to do less hours than yesterday. Came home with all great intentions of making it to the gym but alas I ended up having an afternoon snooze. Woke up refreshed but means I will be up until all hours tonight. Could be a good chance to catch up on my sky plus seeing as Mrs Fay has gone out for a meal. I could even get the treadmill and wii fit step out but that large bar of crunchie cadburys chocolate is smiling at me from the fridge. Gonna have to resist the lure of that half a bottle of rose and a couple of cans of bud. Holiday greed has extended into this week and another new regime will start on Monday.

Slow blog today but noticed this on the BBC website LINK An estate agent has won the job of being the new witch of Wookey Hole, beating around 1000 other applicants. Carole Bohanan auditioned with 300 would-be witches, who were told they must like cats, caves and cackling. Cant help but thing the mother in law would have been nailed on for that job (Disclaimer the author is only jesting)

So got the little one in bed before writing this paragraph and the eldest was watching kids TV when an old episode of Rainbow came on. Now I was a massive fan of rainbow when I was little and my eldest likes it and also has all the teddies as they did not do anything like that in my day. This episode was about making a home made rocket and flying to the moon which would not have been that long after the original moon landings as Geoffrey was looking young so must have been very early 80’s. The home made rocket finally blasted off into space after a some what cocked up countdown by George where in the end Zippy just shouted blast off. He is a naughty bastard that Zippy one. The flew into the garden when captain Geoffrey said to captain Bungle “all ready to land on the moon.” Bungle replied “But Geoffrey this is the garden” Geoffrey should have replied “But your just a man in a giant bear suit but I am going along with this shit.” But he replied “just pretend Bungle.” I love rainbow it has a special place in my heart but I still cant get my head around why Bungle has a giant pair of yellow trousers on. Must have been the stage before he and George came out. Geoffrey can be seen below quite clearly in his S&M gear. The things you do not get onto as a child.


Wednesdays blog means random thought for the week. This week I am thinking why do car insurance companies make it so hard when you need to claim ? Is it any wonder people just dont bother and save the money and then when they get caught are banned but then just drive without a license. Only my wifes previous knowledge managed to get us a courtesy car. Off to listen to more Spotify I am addicted.


Fay x


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