Birthday madness.

So fresh from a few pints in the Excelsior on Friday evening as the planned cricket final we were going to was cancelled with weather being so shite as usual it was Saturday and that was party day for the girls (mainly Elizabeth.) Due to health and safety olbigations (I was the Unison health and […]

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My life in the council

It was Wednesday 3rd January 2001 when I went to the municipal office to start my new job in Benefits. I managed to get into benefits football after work on the Thursday. Only 10 minutes had gone when I trod on the ball and that was the ankle ligaments gone, the first of numerous benefits […]

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Benefits Chippendales.

So its the eve of me leaving the council. Got a visit of the big boss today who said farewell. I will be doing a full council blog on Saturday going through the 8 years 8 months I have been there. Had the bonus this afternoon of no systems from 3.00 pm to 4.45 pm. […]

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The final countdown

So its three days and counting working for Liverpool City Council and the final countdown has begun. Looking forward to the new start and also a few weeks off before the slog and not to mention a little weekend away in Ibiza. Its the small matter of my daughters birthdays over the next few days. […]

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Brick up the mersey tunnels

So a near 10 hour day in work on Wednesday to get me in practice for when I go freelance. Was meeting in Lloyds bar before I went to see brick up the mersey tunnels @ The Royal Court. I decided that a trip to the new Lobster Pot chippy was in order to soak […]

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First council goodbye

Just 8 days left working for Liverpool City Council. Another day in work but with the added bonus of the systems going down for 90 mins which is always a result. The systems went down at 12 and we were asked if we would take out dinner early to coincide with the down time. I […]

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More work breaking news.

Hope you all had a good weekend. The usual weekend for me, filled with beer, sport on TV and some gaming. Saturday afternoon was spent putting a flatpack computer desk together and then re-arranging our dining room. As ever I had trouble putting the flatpack together and not the mention the mess from the polystyrene […]

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