Detective Frank Drebin – Police Squad

Mrs Fay ordered something off Amazon and an old order was activated. This was meant to be the entire collection of The Likely Lads (which I have) but instead we received a 6 box set of Airplane, Police Squad, all the Naked Gun movies none of which I have seen and another film I have never heard of Top Secret. Now I am a massive fan of Airplane and also Police squad so I watched 4 episodes of Police Squad last night. So much happens in them that like Airplane you get onto new jokes each time. Dont know how the Naked Gun films have passed me by but I look forward to them. I was amazed to find out only 6 episodes of Police Squad were ever made and it was cancelled after the 4th show According to then-ABC entertainment president Tony Thomopoulos, “Police Squad! was cancelled because the viewer had to watch it in order to appreciate it.” What Thomopoulos meant was that the viewer had to actually pay attention to the show in order to get much of the humor, while most other TV shows did not demand as much effort from the viewer. How mad is that. Anyway a particular gag made me laugh and got me thinking could you get away with such stuff today ? A man approached his girlfriend and said “Would you like a walk in the Japanese gardens” The walked out into the garden below.


Now is this a racist gag ? Should I be laughing at such stuff ? Its hardly love thy neighbour or mind your language but I can see it hitting a raw nerve with some people but it tickled me for my sins. A fave comedian of mine Richard Herring is just about to do a new show called Hitler Moustache. In which his show is based on him growing a moustache like Hitler. He is trying to reclaim it for comedy as Charlie Chaplin had one before Hitler. He should be playing a date in Liverpool with this show and its well worth catching and he likes to hit a raw nerve or two.

Nosing around on Facebook today and I noticed that somebody had held a Subbuteo night. What memories that brings back. I had the full hit as a child. My pitch was on chipboard and had my own “kop” end. T.V towers , scoreboard, dugouts and fans on my kop end. We had a little league going at one time and on Saturday mornings I could be facing an away game. All of a sudden you would hear a crunch and you had just stepped on your star striker. Kids today would just laugh at Subbuteo in the age of modern consoles. As its cricket season a similar game test match cricket was a belter as well. That is until you lost the balls that came with it.

Had a nice late afternoon stroll around Calderstones park today with the family. Lovely gardens in there but would you believe it the Japanese gardens where shut for renovation. Maybe the park manager has been watching Police Squad and I can confirm there were no Japanese people in there. I bumped into an old school friend and his wife who was also in the same school as me and their two little kids. Was nice to speak to him and were talking about the days when we would all bail in my sisters Yugo car and go the match. My sister reads this blog so I cant tell you the number of people in the car we had but if you want to know it was less than 8 and more than 6.

Sunday is review of my two papers and the classy News Of The World and Sunday People. A picture of Jacko’s deathbed is on the front of NOTW otherwise nowt much else to report. Sunday people goes for Jordan’s new man. There is also a story of a woman who aborted a baby because she embraced a child with pig flu !!! Very slow sunday for news and final choice from the People is that Prince Harry and William are mad on darts. I wonder what song they would enter a darts arena to ? Feel free to post a comment with suggestions.

So last night on the pop and munchies sorted for later (Marks & Spencers crisps and a Twix) as its back to the gym tomorrow night and also limiting booze to one night a week. After the holiday and this weeks binge the old work pants feel a bit snug so its time to do a bit. Bought myself two cans of Tyskie beer (on top of the 6 Bud) which was recommended to me via Twitter so I will review this beer in tomorrows blog.


Fay x


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