A new beer called Tyskie

I finished the weekend off by having a few beers on Sunday night and trying a beer called Tyskie which was recommended by @happytyskie on Twitter. I noticed that the local late shop had started stocking 500ml cans so I bought two to taste on Sunday. Now the first thing that struck me is that the alcohol percentage of the drink is 5.6%. I must admit this was worrying me because if you go over 5% for a beer you can normally taste it. Here is a little extract about Tyskie I found on the net.


Tyskie is a brand of beer from Poland. It is manufactured in Tychy by the Kompania Piwowarska company, a subsidiary of SABMiller. It is currently one of the best selling brands of beer in Poland, with a share of over 14.7% of the Polish market in September 2004 (AC Nielsen). The brewery was founded in 1629 and is said to have produced beer constantly ever since.

Gronie continuous a centuries’ long tradition of beer brewing at Tychy, dating back to 17th century. Gronie’s enthusiasts appreciate most of all its mild hop aroma, golden colour and the thick, white head. This beer’s exquisite taste and aroma excel among Polish beers of similar type.

Extract: 11.7 percent. Alcohol: 5.6 percent

  • Tyskie Gronie is a fine beer brewed in line with traditional recipes.
  • Tyskie Gronie stands for its rich head and ideally balanced bitterness.
  • Tyskie Gronie tastes best after a long day’s work!

So I poured the can into a pint glass (I normally drink straight from the can but thought I might not do the drink justice if I done this) and first had a smell. Most surprised that there was not really any smell to this drink. I was expecting a smell that was gonna put me off drinking it straight away. So down the hatch it went as I was pleasantly surprised. Quick a mellow taste with no after taste and a thumbs up from me. Just need to get a crate now and get the lads onto it. I think it was about £1.30 a can but I have been told it is sold at Asda. So thanks to @happytyskie for the tip on the beer and I hope to be enjoying a few of these in the sun if we ever get any. I reckon I have necked a few pints of this when I was in Gdansk in February 2008 but would have been too bevvied to notice.


Just another 5 hours in work today. But the excuse is that I would go the gym straight from work and so I did. Got a nice hours cardio in the bank and it was not that bad. So day 1 of the new regime going well so far. Football tomorrow hopefully. Just the 19 days left in work now and I have to gain 8 hours so my flexi is down to zero. Trying to limit my sessions on the booze to one night a week. Now I know have a small disliking to Manchester, all because of football but I would not wish this on anybody. “Home Secretary Alan Johnson has unveiled the final design of the controversial national identity card. The card will be offered to members of the public in the Greater Manchester area from the end of this year. Ministers plan to launch the £30 biometric ID card nationwide in 2011 or 2012 – but it will not be compulsory.” Time for a rant here. The government has wasted £200 million pounds on this so far. Big brother knows far too much about us already. Our freedoms are slowly being eroded. This will not stop terrorism one bit. Do not be brainwashed into doing it. I hear people say I have nothing to hide in which case you have no need to tell them anything. I bet if it does get rolled out as well it will be a damn site more than £30, and once they are in after a few years will we need to carry them all the time ??? Do not give the government an inch as they will steal a mile, rant over :0)

So Monday is clip of the week. This week its from a comedian I mentioned yesterday. Its a clip on you tube of Richard Herring getting heckled. Over 600,000 views on this so click below for the clip.

Richard Herring Slams A Heckler (priceless)

So thats it for Monday. Early night tonight as I am tired after the gym. My dad is out of hospital tomorrow and landing in my sisters house. I say land because thats about all the movement he will have I think and no doubt this might well get a mention in tomorrows blog eh sis !!!!!


Fay x


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