Announcement: I am out of retirement.

Sunday was spent doing what Sundays were made for. The lads came around to watch the community shield and then after that fun and games on the PS3/Wii/Xbox 360. The choice of beer for the occasion was Red Stripe and DAB (Dortmunder Actien Brauerei.) First up after the match was EA Sports grand slam tennis on the Wii. Now the sight of 4 grown men jumping around like it was Wimbledon would have a been a funny sight for anybody nosing through my blinds. To preserve our fitness we only played 1 set games and alas I was crowned champion beating Mr Airey in the final. Next was xbox360 PDC darts. I suffered a defeat here. Looking at the list of games we had I noticed they were all sporting games. Who needs to go out and play the real thing when you can stay in and have a bevvy and play them. No wonder kids are lard arses these days. My excuse is my middle age spread. We rounded the night off with a go of Buzz quiz UK on the PS3. A fine comeback in the last round meant I retain my unbeaten status. Early finish of 10:30 by our standards meant I felt fresh today but still rolled into work for 10am with a nice cumberland sausage barm from Sayers. Only a few more of these enjoyable Sunday sessions left as once I start the agency work I will not have the option of rolling into work for 10am and going home at 2pm !!!

So I have to eat my words here and announce that my retirement from the clubbing scene which was at a Hed Kandi night in Amsterdam in December 2008 has proven to be a false retirement party. Like all good boxers “Sugar Ray Fay” exclusively announces on this blog a comeback. It will take place in the only real place a comeback of this nature could occur. Thats right I am off to Ibiza weekend of 4th September 2009. Flights all booked and the highlight of the weekend will be Hed Kandi @ Space on Saturday 5th March. The line up for that night is as follows.

Saturday 5th September
Main Room – Hed Kandi
Luke Neville
Colin Airey
With Resident Greg Myers
Featuring Trav on Sax & Ian C on percussion
& Live P.A from Tara McDonald

Back Room – HK presents Nu Disco

To be honest I think I am just as excited about going to Cafe Del Mar again and watching the sunset. Should be a crazy weekend to say the least and should be some good material for my blog.

Managed not to go the gym tonight so will have to catch up with an extra session later on in the week. Need to be very good now if I am gonna get into my gold hot pants and sparkly tight top for Ibiza. Ended up having the best part of 20 cans of beer over the weekend so not the planned cutbacks I wanted. Oh well I will try again this weekend but with Liverpool on the TV on Sunday things are not looking to good. Might have to settle for jeans and an XL top for Ibiza then.


Clip of the day for Monday and who can fail to forget the great “Different Strokes” TV series from the 1980’s. “What you talkin about Willis” Here is the opening sequence to the show with some music over it.  Changed the whole outlook of the show.

Disturbing Strokes


Fay x


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