The final countdown

So its three days and counting working for Liverpool City Council and the final countdown has begun. Looking forward to the new start and also a few weeks off before the slog and not to mention a little weekend away in Ibiza. Its the small matter of my daughters birthdays over the next few days. Elizabeth is 5 on Thursday 27th and Charlotte 2 on Monday 31st. Notice how both of them sneak into the school year, thus saving a years nursery fees. Elizabeth was 5 weeks early so that tactic was not planned but Charlotte was always going to be a ceasarean section so we sneaked her in the school year on the last possible day ! The final countdown has also begun for Elizabeth’s birthday. The sheer excitement she has on getting her Nintendo DS (I cant wait to buy Tiger Woods golf for it) makes me remember how birthdays were special. Just another day now for me although I do treat it like a bank holiday and have never worked on my birthday ( I hear you all cry, I never work anyway)  Busy weekend planned then, starting Thursday @ Damons. Friday out watching a cricket final. Saturday Elizabeths birthday party for her friends and finishing on Sunday with a BBQ in ours for the girls and family and friends. Was never really into party’s myself and preferred an extra twenty quid in the card of my mum and dad instead.

Looks like football is going back to the 80’s tonight with the crowd trouble at West Ham V Millwall. Seems like hundreds of fans have had an organised battle. In traditional style it seems to have started in a tube station. Now I am always moaning that football is not like it used to be but there is no need to go back to the dark days of the 80’s when Europe were number one with “The final countdown” (how many more final countdowns can I get in one blog ?) No surprise that Millwall are involved and I am sure that West Ham have a decent firm. Extra time being played so could still be some fun and games there. I suggest that they get the police in that were involved in the G20 protests as judging by form they will give the footy bovver boys a run for their money.


Kitchen nearly done now after the hard work of the father in law. I have noticed the sink is set up for a left handed person (thats drainage board on the left, sink on the right.) It’s lucky that Mrs Fay is left handed isnt it. I look forward to the official opening of the kitchen and I will let Mrs Fay cook me sausage, chips and beans.

Its DJ Colin Airey’s second choon of the week. This weeks installment comes from a re mixer called Todd Terje giving a nice subtle twist to Chic – I Want Your Love . He is currently playing the back room at Space on our Hed Kandi nights and is one of the most respected Re mixers in the industry. Download the track here. I am looking forward to see Colin play @ Space in Ibiza. He also has his Hed Kandi night in Liverpool. Join Hed Kandi, the world’s most glamorous clubbing brand as they bring the worlds sexiest dance floor to Liverpool for the biggest night of the year. Hed Kandi brings its funky house, deep electro and Balearic beats and a true carnival spirit to Studio for a series of spectacular parties. The club is fresh out of a £200k refurbishment, bringing it up to a standard to host the world’s biggest brand. Hed Kandi have gone from strength to strength during their tenth year, from hosting the VIP arena at Creamfields, to becoming Ibiza’s biggest Saturday night at the world’s most famous club, space. Launched in 1999, Hed Kandi is more than a party; it’s a lifestyle brand delivering various styles of dance of music, with a sense of humour and stylish get-up, with its catalogue spanning over 80 albums, and now the launch of their clothing range.
Join us as Ibiza’s biggest Saturday night moves home for the autumn months and officially becomes Liverpool’s biggest Saturday night.
So girls and boys, look out your glamorous outfits… grab your coats… get your keys… we´re ready to party… it´s Hed Kandi! Right thats your plug out of the way Col.

Hed Kandi


Fay x

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