Benefits Chippendales.

So its the eve of me leaving the council. Got a visit of the big boss today who said farewell. I will be doing a full council blog on Saturday going through the 8 years 8 months I have been there. Had the bonus this afternoon of no systems from 3.00 pm to 4.45 pm. Which is always nice. I have ended my subscription with Unison and the highlight of my union membership was winning a George Forman grill in the AGM prize draw. Still cooking the old sausages on it every weekend. Gave the office a treat today with the small cartoon I made called benefits chippendales. Click below for the link.


Went to Damons after work for Elizabeths birthday tea. Had the usual plain burger and chips and also 2 pints. Must be said that made football 8-9 a struggle but I managed, well just about. Didnt get much sleep last night as I finally got to sleep about 2am (I did grab an hour 6-7 in the evening) Elizabeth decided to wake up at 4am asking if it was here birthday yet. We got a repeat on the hour 5,6 and we all got up eventually at 7am. She was so excited it was her birthday and was singing happy birthday to me in Damons. Spoilt rotten as usual and  look forward to a gaming session on the DS with her.

Got a statement from an old Halifax credit card about 4 years ago. I owed 1p and it said my payment was late and I will be charged if I dont pay it this month. So I took the statement into work and on my lunch went down to the Halifax armed with my 1p. As I walked in and joined the queue I then remembered that I had forgot the statement. So the 1p Halifax saga will have to be replayed next week.

Off out for a quick pint after work on Friday , my main leaving night is on Friday September 11th. I am then off to a cricket final that a couple of the lads in work are playing in. No doubt with a few pints to be consumed there. Short blog tonight as I am knackered. Saving my writing inspiration for Saturdays council blog.


Fay x

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