Birthday madness.

So fresh from a few pints in the Excelsior on Friday evening as the planned cricket final we were going to was cancelled with weather being so shite as usual it was Saturday and that was party day for the girls (mainly Elizabeth.) Due to health and safety olbigations (I was the Unison health and safety rep at one point for the council) it was necessary for me to test all sausage rolls, mini sausages and crisps that were gonna be consumed at the birthday party. As an ex H&S rep I had to make sure I had at least two of each for quality control purposes. Everything tasted fine so the food was ok to serve to the kids. The venue for the part was St Marys church hall on St Mary’s road Garston. It was your typical church hall with wooden beams in the roof and a stage at one end. It had a massive kitchen and oven which was great to prepare the food. I also had to H&S check the chocolate cornflake cakes and sponge cakes. The hall had a back games room which had your traditional musty smell. We had the normal cheesy DJ with the classics coming out “I am a music man” ” Cha cha slide” and the anthem with Mcdonalds , Kentucky Fried chicken and a Pizza Hut in the lyrics. Whatever song that is called. I think my version would be Burger King, Sayers and Pizza Park Garston in my big fat gut. The party went well with all the kids enjoying themselves in what seemed like two hours of random chaos. We brought the cakes out for both birthday girls and come to think of it I have not had any yet although 9am on a Sunday morning is early by even my standards for some cake. Elizabeth’s is below.


So the party was rounded off with the hokey cokey the party bags were given out and it was time to tidy the hall. I had hidden a whole tray of sausage rolls and with great skill managed to get them into the kitchen without being noticed and passed them off as leftovers. I only jest of course but I can dream. Had to load the car up with the presents Elizabeth and Charlotte had received. Kids do really get spoiled. The in thing for Elizabeth is High School Musical and Charlotte Peppa Pig.  So back to ours afterwards fully loaded with presents and balloons etc to watch some footy and have a few well deserved beers and skip tea to go straight on the grog. We are now proud owners of two very large balloons. One a 2 and one a 5. I am open to offers ASAP if you know anybody who is going to be 25 or 52.


So thats part one out of the way and its a family and friends BBQ today, I think you will need your coat folks. Saturdays kids party went well even if I have a feeling for the cost of it we could of went on a family world cruise for 2 months. Late Saturday and I killed a last bottle of Budweiser and had my supper. Yes you guessed it a selection of sausage rolls, crisps and cornflake cakes left over from the party. I turned the light of in the living room and used my normal in the dark navigational skills to the bottom of the stairs only to be attacked by a giant fuck off number 2 and 5 balloon, the pair of bastards.


Fay x

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