Aigburth Zoo.

First up congratulations to Mr & Mrs Mcguffie on the birth of Charlotte on Saturday 26th September. As it goes it wasnt like shelling pea’s but everything is OK now and mother and baby are doing well. Well I was going to blog Sunday night but was in bed for 7:50 and asleep by 8:10. […]

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First day in work review.

So it was 6:30 in the morning and the first commute to work for Wakefield MDC which is situated in Castleford. First thing that I noticed was how many cars are on the roads that early. After a bit of congestion by Leeds we arrived on time around 8:15. We went into the office building […]

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Off the dole, off to Wakefield

So I had a few bonus Sunday beers last night after our start date was pushed back to tomorrow. I ended up taking the plunge and getting Spotify premium. This means I now have thousands of albums at my fingertips on my iphone for just £10 a month. As my musical tastes are generally older […]

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