The dentist , ecstasy and mischief.

Alas the weekend is here and after a thumping win at footy last night and two goals for myself, one off my beer gut which raised a few laughs it was time for the dentist on Friday morning. Last time I went in December he must have been short of cash as he forced a filling out and said that was loose wasnt it ? Well not until you poked it out. I have to confess I am mighty scared of the dentist but the brave big boy Fay faces his demons and goes now after a break of around 15 years from the age of 18 to 33 when I faced my destiny. This time he was running 15 mins late and that is just extra time to work myself into a panic. I was only in there 3 mins and he said everything is OK. I got the feeling this time because he was behind schedule he just wanted me in and out. Anyway more more dentist until May 2010 yipeeee. No kids today and a very lazy friday. I was planning on going the gym but alas felt a bit under the weather and decided to play football manager 2010 and catch up on my gadget show backlog.

So Professor Nutt has been sacked for his opinions on drugs. In the past, Prof Nutt has also claimed that taking ecstasy is no more dangerous than riding a horse. Earlier this week Prof Nutt used a lecture at King’s College, London, to attack what he called the “artificial” separation of alcohol and tobacco from illegal drugs. Now prof Nutt based his first opinion on the fact that statistically more people are seriously injured or die riding horses then taking e. His second point he ranked all the drugs and booze in a top 20 and ecstasy was down the list and booze up in the top 5. So who do I believe. The government or the scientist ? Well I have put my horse up for sale on ebay and have just ordered 5 “Gary Abletts” for the evenings entertainment. Dont you just love scientists I reckon Prof Nutt will be off his nuts tonight seeing as he doesnt have work now.


So its mischief night tonight. Mischief night is many an area of Liverpool every night me thinks. Now is this mischief or not ? Hundreds of people have attended a wedding in central Somalia between a man who says he is 112 years old, and his teenage wife. Ahmed Muhamed Dore – who already has 13 children by five wives – said he would like to have more with his new wife, Safia Abdulleh, who is 17 years old.”Today God helped me realise my dream,” Mr Dore said, after the wedding in the region of Galguduud.The bride’s family said she was “happy with her new husband”. Altogether, Mr Dore has 114 children and grandchildren. His oldest son is 80 years old and three of his wives have died. I think Mr Dore has had a few mischief nights of his own over the years.


So trying a glass of rose but I sense an early night as its a busy day tomorrow with a trip out to Clitheroe and lunch out with my dad and then back to Liverpool for a halloween party. Keep a look out for my nan and mother in law who will be out on their broom sticks and say hello to them if you see them.


Fay x


Staropramen, a Castleford chippy and methane

So catch up time as no time to blog Mon/Tues due to work commitments. So Sunday went down to my mates to watch the Liverpool V United game. Due to the great result I ended up going out for some more drinks afterwards where I bumped into a mates mum and dad and we talked about the cracking ice cream and jelly sunday spreads they used to put on for us back in the 80’s when we had fuck all. Ended up being back in for about 8 and was a bit tipsy as I ended up watching x-factor with Mrs Fay. The things demon drink can do for you. I was tucked up in bed asleep for 9.50 but when I got up at 5.15 I had a hangover. Not ideal preperation for a 7-7 workday and that will be the last time I go out drinking on a Sunday. My friends dad got me drinking Staropramen beer. A nice Czech beer but I am sure the two pints of that I had is what gave me the headache on Monday morning (Not the 8 or so drinks before)


So monday night and another stay over in Castleford. Some good news is that our contract has been extended until mid Jan so santa might be visiting the Fay household this year. Me and Dave decided to have a quiet night in the hotel and snuggle up and play some FIFA 2010 on the PS3. After last weeks meal at Frankie & Benny’s we decided to go the local chippy. Now I plumped for sausage and chips and the amount of chips you got could only be described as tiny, jumbo sausage did the trick though as Dave showed me later on. We got back to the room and it was then when eating our mini portion of chips we noticed that there was no salt and vinegar on the chips. What kind of chippy doesnt put salt and vinegar on chips. Me and Dave both got served separately so it must be the practice in Castleford !!!! God job that I bought a mini sachet or tommy k that saved the day. We went on a little “recky” the other day around our pub and within 5 mins there are another 4 chippys. Almost sorted until chrimbo there. Some of them are on the corners of terraced houses in true old style housing. There are even little corner shops etc just like in open all hours. We went looking for nurse Gladys Emmanuel but alas could not find her so we had an early night.


So early to bed Tuesday and a nice shortish day Wednesday leads me to being home (even if it did take 2 hours ughhh) and time for a blog before the Liverpool match. I see the posties are on strike again so will hopefully try and get this weeks view from the blogs very own resident postie. A quick catch up of what has been going on in the world sees  the man behind one of the most influential reports on climate change, Lord Stern (You heard it here first there is no such thing as climate change , well man made climate change anyway) has highlighted the impact meat production has on greenhouse gas emissions. Part of it come through the gasses made by the animals as they digest food. Below is an example of methane producing animals. NOTE I reckon after those few pints of Staropramen on Sunday I was just ahead of the sheep.


So a quick update on the Liverpool Direct give us my dosh blog. Still to receive any replies from my complaints but I got a reminder invoice. i am sure Jeremy Beadle is gonna pop out soon with my back pay in his little hand. I see some more phone calls on Friday. Anyway thats enough for now.


Fay x

Liverpool Direct Limited, give us my dosh.

So after nearly two months away from working for Liverpool City Council or Liverpool Direct Limited as some people call it they still manage to wind me up. On leaving the council I owed them one and a half days leave. Now I had no problem with this as it is what I owed. On the other hand I was owed back pay from our recent April 2009 wage increase settlement. Now the council were quick of the mark invoicing me for the leave I owed (I got the invoice on 25th September.) My first instincts proved correct as I thought I aint paying them jack shit until I get my backpay. So the backpay is being paid to all council employees this Thursday coming. But not for me. I was expecting one last little credit in my bank account from the council. But no. To get paid what is rightfully mine I have to write in and request it. I phoned up and asked if the amount owed could be subtracted from my invoice and a new invoice raised. Well sir that is two different sections of HR and we cant do that. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Well can you just sort my back pay to pay on November 27th. Well sir you have to write in and request this, you cant phone or email. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I was going to hire a racing pigeon and have it drop off my letter direct to the relevant floor of Venture Place on Sir Thomas Street.  So being a Sunday morning and nothing else to do I have in true Meldrew style completed a complaint for on the council web site called “have your say.” I can guarantee I have had my say and I have also contacted my local councillors. I wonder how many people have left the council and have never been paid up in full and yet when you owe them leave they are very quick in claiming back what is theirs.


And so Mrs Fay is watching x-factor on the sky plus and the couple of days when people were talking politics has gone. Back to this shite and the worry of not who to vote in next years general election. After all its too far to drive to the local school or whatever to vote on serious issues that effect you. Might as well sit on your arse and watch a load of shite artists perform in a show that is fixed to give you the views they want you to see (Hey your shite do this as a audition make a cunt of yourself and we will give you a few grand and put it on the telly) just you lot worry about who to phone up for and keep in tonight. I will fight the tories and the BNP off myself.

So Sunday beers for the footy today. God knows what the result will be. Well he doesnt as there is no such thing. Oh dear xfactor and god bashing in one blog I am going to be as popular as Nick Griffin or those twins from x-factor (see despite despising it I keep my finger on the pulse)  Kids seem to be getting over their colds despite Charlotte deciding to fall down the stairs yesterday. My heart stopped for a moment there but she was fine. That reminded me of the time I fell down the stairs when I lived with my nan. I was going up to bed with sausage and chips after a few beers out. My bedroom was more of a bed sit then as my nan didnt let me go in the front room then. The front room had been untouched since about the late 1960’s and was a proper best room for guests only. So I got half way up the stairs and realised I had not put any tommy K on my chips. So I went to go down again when I fell down the stairs. I put a foot behind me and slid to the bottom. I was so worried about my chips that I never dropped one chip and thought I had got off injury free. That was until the next morning when I went to get out of bed and walk. It was then the action tumble with a portion of chips came back to me. I had only broken my big toe but must have been so drunk and the craving of chips that intense that at the time it hadnt registered. Oh well must go getting picked up soon might get some chips on the way home but I am deffo gonna eat them downstairs !!!



Anti Jamie Oliver picnic. Mmmmmmmmm

Seems the serious blog got quite a few hits and a few comments as well. Well I watched Question Time and Griffin came across as the idiot he is on it. I did feel however that at times the rest of the panel set upon him like a pack of wolves including Dimbleby. I have also noticed a resemblance to Peter Griffin from Family Guy. But it was deffo better he was on it than wanting him banned like the loons outside the BBC yesterday. One little note when Nick Griffin was on the news today my eldest Elizabeth (5) said awwwww he has a poppy on !!! But thats is enough of the heavy stuff its the weekend and time for some fun.

Elizabeth is off school sick again, this time a cold and cough ( I think Charlotte is getting it now ! ) so me and Charlotte missed out on our Friday swimming session. I might be brave and take them both on Sunday morning depending on how much grog I have on Saturday night. So we decided to have a trip out to Morrisons in Speke as the girls wanted to have a picnic in the house for lunch. I ended up buying them a DVD as well, I am a sucker for a pretty face. So we came back and put the “Timmy” DVD on and had our picnic. First up was a selection of cocktail sausages , sausage rolls , pom bear crisps and a hot dog. This was followed by a piece of caterpillar chocolate cake and a lolly ice for desserts. As I type the details of the lovely picnic we had I can feel shadow Jamie Oliver behind me. Well Jamie our picnic was “pukka” and “delish” so stick that in your pipe and smoke it.  Nothing wrong in having a treat now and again as long as your staple diet isnt daddy’s picnics all the time.

So its friday evening and that means time to have a few drinks in the house. This Friday is sponsored by Miller Beer and Seabrooks crisps. Just looking around for some news stories that are not BNP or post office strike and one that caught my eye was A US newspaper says it has received well over 100 applicants for the post of marijuana critic – many of whom have offered to work for free. The alternative Denver newspaper, Westword, is seeking a writer for its weekly review of Colorado’s booming medical marijuana dispensaries. But there is a catch – candidates must have a medical ailment allowing them to enter a dispensary and use marijuana. Now I am enjoying the agency work I am doing but come to think of it my back has been playing up a bit. I think its that bad that it will be classed as a medical ailment. Just in the process of updating my C.V as we speak. I reckon it will be king size picnics every day if I get the job and I will make sure my iphone is loaded up with loads of Cafe Del Mar and Bob Marley songs. Then it will be time to dig out the”wheres Wally” books and spend the next four hours looking for Wally and then the penny would drop that I was too stoned to find Wally it would be time for more of my picnic. Might have to book an Easyjet flight to Amsterdam to do some job research. Anybody fancy coming with us ?


So time for todays youtube clip and I love a good prank and so do the Japanese. I would love to film my own version of this in Liverpool and post it on you tube. Never fails to make me laugh.

So another blog over and if the views go down on this its back to hard hitting stories. Well maybe not.


Fay x

Its all gone serious. BNP and the post strike.

So the weekend starts here and a thumping win at footy. Just had a shower and settling down with a pack of Disco’s and Kit Kat caramel and ready to watch the highlight of the week. Yes Question Time. A certain Nick Griffin from the BNP is on. Now I am anti BNP but they have a right in our democracy to be heard. Yes before you say it my initials are NF. You cant go banning them etc that is censorship and just as bad racism. Lets get them out in the open and show them for what they are. I hope he is given a rough ride on the show. As for the protestors against him appearing on the show. What gives them the right to turn into an unruly mob and start charging into the BBC. I was listening on radio 5 live when they charged the BBC building. At the same time people where waiting to go and see a recording of Harry Hill. Imagine the fuss if a gang of BNP members tried to charge into the Harry Hill show. Actually could have been a piece of comedy gold that. The anti nazi protesters were singing this song” Build a bonfire, build a bonfire put Griffin on the top. Put the Nazis in the middle and burn the bloody lot” Not the best choice of lyrics to sing about a gang of holocaust deniers !!!! Again we should be proud that people can actually deny the holocaust. In some countries in europe it is illegal to b a holocaust denier. Censorship to the extreme. So when next year comes and its election time. Get of your fat arses and go and put an X in the box and kill of the BNP.Be proud of the free speech we have and the fact we can go on strike (see part two of todays blog)


So the posties are on strike and a bitter feud it is. No fun being on strike. I have been on strike a couple of times and also refused to cross a picket line of another strike in our buildings. Power to the people. Mrs Fay says I have been on strike for the last 7 years but thats another story. Time for a guest speaker on the blog and this comes from a postman who is on strike. The names of the not so innocent have been changed to protect them.

Well mate let me first tell you that every single postie, and the majority of the public that I have spoken to, completely support what we are now undertaking. None of us want to lose pay, but the fact that 76% of the members of the CWU who voted on the ballot, voted yes. To me this sends out a clear message that the staff have simply had enough. During the recession and what with Christmas coming up, the fact that we have voted to strike and LOSE money, should indicate to everyman & his dog, just what the feelings are amongst the Royal Mail workforce.

I started working for Royal Mail X years ago  and in that time I can honestly say that I have seen no decline in mail volumes. The likes of Crozier always on about us losing 10% of the mail this year. Bollocks! The next time you receive a letter through the post, just take a look in the top right hand corner and see if it is a Royal Mail logo or stamp there. I bet you now that most of the mail you receive has for example, TNT on it. Once you have looked, ask yourself the question, why are Royal Mail posties delivering this? This 10% that Crozier is referring to is business mail, which Royal Mail no longer have the monopoly on. Adam Crozier and the government have let all companies compete for this business mail, with one exception, US! Crozier struck a deal with the TNT, that meant we would still deliver there shite, so when he says 10%, it is not 10% out of our sacks. This is something the people really need to be aware of. Why does he never mention the extra packets that we all have to deliver? He goes on about Internet shopping, but when you buy something of EBay, who delivers it? It is a FACT that Internet shopping has gone through the roof during the last 5 years with the likes of EBay. Think how many people use EBay and then think how much extra this puts into the pockets of Royal Mail and our mail sacks.

There is a situation within Royal Mail now mate, where managers think is acceptable to bully postmen and women. Example of this was in our work this week. On Monday we were told in the canteen that because of the strike Royal Mail wanted us to come in 30 minutes late on Tuesday and make up that time (our time) by working 30 minutes late on Saturday. Our union rep XXXXXX told us that if we refused to do this, then he would have to tell our boss that we were not doing it and this would result XXXXX being suspended!!!! Our response was if they suspend him, we all walk, so as you can guess, they backed down. There are lads delivering until 3 o’clock in XXXXXXX and they are not entitled to claim their 30 minute overtime for this. Royal Mail management call this ”flexibility”, but you try getting that 30 minute back. They harass staff until the union step in and demand an inquiry into certain managers. They have an internal enquiry, and have a guess what happens mate? That’s right, they move them out of one office straight into another one, were they do the same over again. That is why the CWU as part of there negotiations, want a independent inquiry into bullying and harassment, and this is why the management refuse to co-operate. Ask your postman next time you see him about 2 managers, XXXX XXXXXX and XXXXXXX XXXXXX, and then prepare yourself to be shocked at what they have gotten up too over the years.

Pay is an issue, but contrary to popular believe, pr should I say, contrary to what the management would have you believe. We have been given NO pay rise this year and yet the company has made over £360 million profit. They have said that WE need to take a pay freeze, but alas Mr Crozier’s was awarded somewhere in the region of a £640,000 bonus. Does that make sense to you? If they cant give us a pay rise this year when they have made such a huge profit, then surely if we only make £359 million, they will refer to that as a loss and again we won’t get a penny. They are taking the piss out of everyone of us. All I will say is this. XXXXXXXXX has roughly 36 employers, 34 of which are full time. Over the next few years it is Royal Mails plan to keep 70% on full time contracts and demote 30% down to part time contacts, which would mean over £100 a week less in our pockets. Funny how they do not tell the public these thing hey mate?

They say the Union has not agreed to modernisation, yet over the past 5 years, Royal Mail has lost over 60,000, so surely that proves that the CWU has agreed to certain changes. They close Post Office after Post Office and then tell the public that it is the CWU who are damaging Royal Mail for their customers. How does Mrs Doyle who lives in the Back of beyond street now post her letters or get her stamps or pension? It was not the Union who closed this important service in the local community, it was Crozier. It was not the union who decided to get rid of 2 deliveries a day, which now means me, you and Joe Bloggs get our mail at 2 in the afternoon rather than getting it on our doormat before heading for work . It was not the union who decided to end Sunday collection, which now means letters posted on a Sunday are not guaranteed for the Monday. It was not the Union who let the pension deficit get up to nearly £10 billion, as anticipated it will be. It was not the union who closed the likes of Coprass Hill. It was not the union who tried to privatize the company and a British institution. So next time Crozier talks about Royal Mails need for modernisation, take a look at their improvements they have already made and ask yourself is it an improvement, or just a mess. Adam Crozier has set about destroying a British institution. All of the mistakes he has made are now coming home to roost, so he does what many have done in the past, he blames the unions. He and Mandy lost out in their bid to privatize the company because the union were, and still are to strong for them. And now they are trying to do what Maggie did with the miners, and destroy us. Well I’ve got news for the pair of them. It ain’t gonna happen.
On closing mate, I have just had enough of being treated like a number, and so have most of my colleagues. We are out in the rain, snow, wind and ice, providing a service to our much appreciative customers. After tax I take home £260 a week for grafting my arse off and Mr Crozier and his henchmen tell me I’m not even worth and extra £4 a week. Lets put a 16kg bag on his back and let him walk the streets when it is pissing down and then tell us we need to ”walk quicker” or ”Have bigger round”. Unfortunately he is just in his Ivory towers milking the company for all it is worth and trying to replace us with machine so he can have an even bigger bonus next year. My only regret towards the union is that we did not do this years ago mate and that we are not out permanently now.

Oh one more important thing. The people need to know that for the last 4 months the union has tried to get management to go to Acas and each time they have refused. Now they are willing too, but only on certain conditions 1 the union suspend industrial action . . . Yeah like thats going to happen. And 2 they are prepared to go to Acas on the basis certain thing will be omitted from talks. What things? What do royal mail not want Acas to discover? The union have said they’ll go there with an open book on what they have done over the last 6 months, why won’t royal mail?

A good read that. Shame I could not get Mr Crozier to reply tomorrow. So when you see your postie tomorrow on a picket line give em a beep. So thats the serious blog out of the way and I promise to lighten things up over the weekend. I am sure the influence of Rose and M&S finest snacks will pick my mood up.


Fay x

A meal and then taken to a dark room !

So its Wednesday and most the working week done. Stayed over again in Castleford on Monday night in above a local pub we have found. We got charged £20 each this week instead of the mistake of just £20 a room last time. Cant grumble as its cheap as chips and 5 mins from our workplace. No playstation 3 in the room this week as me and Dave decided to go out on a date. So off to Fankie and Benny’s for a nice burger and chips followed by sticky toffy pudding mmmmmmmm. This was the first time I have ever been for a meal with just another man so I stuck to the diet coke just in case Dave had any plans. So after the meal we went to the xscape which is a big complex by Castleford with all kinds of food places and things to do. Monday nights choice was glow in the dark 3D crazy golf. Spread over two 9 hole courses I easily won the first course and it was a tie on the second 9 holes. Didnt wear the 3D glasses for too long as the inaugural Castleford open was to be played for. Below are some pics. As you can see it was dark in there and the decision not to have a pint with my meal was wise (I know all your tricks Dave) So it was back the pub and to our rooms and before you know it just one day left in work this week.

IMG_0549 IMG_0552

And so the Post men and women are to go on strike. Reminds me of the good old days when we were in early senior school and the teachers were always on strike and often we would get sent home. Even if they were not on strike we used to just go home anyway and our parents would fall for it. I am all in favour of a good strike when the need calls for it but I cant help thinking that this might be the end of mail as we know it and the people on strike might see their arses in the long run. i hope not and power to the people. I for one wont be watching one episode of Postman Pat tomorrow in support of the strike. I do look forward to the chrimbo DVD of Postman Pat on strike and how he spent the two days off doing fuck all apart from watching cash in the attic, bargain hunt a quick dive down to the betting shop and then back in time for countdown. With extra footage of Postman Pat doing his normal days work but finishing his round early (after dropping hundreds of red elastic bands) and going home. On the bright side no junk mail until next week (charity clothes appeals leaflets not affected !!)

So finally the all new blog section you tube clip. Here is some insane (youth lingo) trampoline skills. DONT TRY THIS AT HOME

Thats enough for now.


Fay x

Saturday beers and Sunday babies.

So it was off to the Rose Of Mossley to meet some people from my old work and watch the Liverpool game. The Liverpool match did not come on in the Rose so we went next door to Mossley Hill legion and paid a pound to get in and watch the game. It was pitch black in there with a big screen hanging down from the top of the stage at the front and lines of tables in true social club style. I was half expecting an ice cream seller to come around at half time and it also reminded me of when at the end of a school term you got to watch a film as a treat in the school hall.  By this time the beach ball had already scored the goal for Sunderland ! How funny was it on match of the day that the boy who threw the beach ball onto the pitch had his faced blanked out. Last time I went to the Mossley Hill legion it was for a mates 30th birthday and it was fancy dress and I went as a telletubbie. So several pints later it was back into the Rose for several more pints and a game of darts. Ended up taking a tactical break and diving into Chris’s chippy on Rose Lane for a chip barm. When we were in school (Calderstones where the Tesco now is) we used to sneak out the chippy and eat our chips at the back of the Rose pub. We had been caught several times and our year head decided that we had to report to him at 12:15 every day to make sure we had not been to the chippy. He even smelt our hands for traces of salt and vinegar. This did not stop us we made it down to the chippy and back inside 15 mins and eat out chips with a fork so our year head detected no traces of salt and vinegar on us.


So we played several games of darts between us and the one thing that impressed me was that there was no need for chalk and the hard task of scoring (which normally gets harder with each pint consumed) because the Rose had its own electronic darts scorer. A few of the lads were going on for a few extra drinks but I made the sensible decision to head home about 11.15. So was tucked up in bed by 12 and so despite a 9 hour session on the booze I felt fine on Sunday morning.


So Sunday was baby day and first it was off to see Neil & Jenny Carlson’s twins. Sam & Mia were still little things and I can imagine how tired Neil & Jenny must be ( 1 baby is bad enough) both have been brainwashed early and have Everton kits but apart from that unfortunate start in life they are two little crackers. It was then onto baby visit number two and we went to see Phil & Michelle Mcguffie with their baby Charlotte. She was a little cutey as well and a very chilled baby. Both sets of parents are overjoyed with their bundles of fun and congratulations to all of them. A quick visit to Davild Lloyd in the afternoon to take Elizabeth swimming and then a Sunday evening wind down ready for an early start Monday for my long days Monday and Tuesday.  I see there was a lot of fuss about David Beckham’s new beard during the week and I wonder if this will set a trend of growing beards. Only ever had one myself and it only lasted for about 8 weeks. It was deffo more of a Grizzly Adams look on my behalf and Mrs Fay wasnt too impressed by it.


So trying to suss how to put videos directly into my blog and this is just a test so I hope it works. This is a video I shot of my fave band The Christians performing “Happy In Hell” Live @ The Pacific Road Arts Centre back in 2005. Hope this works.


Fay x

Farewell David Lloyd.

So Friday evening was started with a nice tea from pizza park in Garston followed by just the two bottles of rose and some Singstar with Mrs Fay. That Singstar is like a time machine because before we knew it, it was 1.30 in the morning. God knows what the neighbours think when we are belting out “Sing it back” by Moloko at 1 am in the morning a bit worse for wear. So I was up with the kids in the morning. 8.15 wasnt a bad result after putting a DVD on for them to delay them getting up and compared to a workday thats still a handy 3 hour lie in. I handed my notice in at the gym yesterday. David Lloyd is expensive, even though I am still on a student membership its over £50 a month and I just dont get the time to go in the week now and most my weekend I am either with the family or getting bevvied. So the end of Jan is when my notice expires so I can have one last new year push. However this morning when I was trying my best not to get up with the kids Elizabeth pulled the covers off the bed and then said “Time to get up big chubby” !!!!!! (Medium chubby being mummy and little chubby being Charlotte we later found out) So perhaps not the best time to be quitting the gym eh !!!!


Just to show how busy my life is, I have finally finished a basic version of a new web site I have been creating. is now live so have a look over there and any feedback is welcome. So an early blog today as I am off out on the pop after just shaking off the after effects of two bottles of Rose. Just listening to an old o’five one choon and my two daughters are bopping away to it. I would of never of imagined that when I was being propped up by a pillar in a world of my own. Was only 15 years ago but seems like yesterday. So I better go and make myself beautiful as we are meeting in The Rose of Mossley. We will be having a drink in memory of Mr Gately and then I will be rushing home to watch x-factor and then playing farmville on Facebook. Well maybe not eh. Just a short blog today and its off upstairs to go and put some Brut aftershave on.


Fay x

Naked scanners arriving soon.

So its Friday and thats the start of my weekend and a nice day off as I only work a four day week now. Half way through my first contract for Wakefield council and who knows where I will end up next. Another two days of nothing in my life Wednesday and Thursday and just the joys of a 30 min walk around the pound and charity shop capital of the world Castleford. Back to my normal swimming with Charlotte this morning and grabbing some nice “me” time as she is having a snooze. Off out for a pint with a few of the lads from my old work on Saturday so hopefully will have some good blog material to post and a lot has gone on in the world of Liverpool council housing benefits department since I left, and I mean a lot. I have booked a few concerts for November (and Glastonbury 2010.) First up is Seasick Steve on Saturday 7th November @ Liverpool Olympia. He has a new album out on Monday “Man from another time” so I will be downloading that from itunes on Monday. My second concert is McIntosh Ross @ Pacific Arts centre (Birkenhead) on November 11th. McIntosh Ross and Lorraine McIntosh and Ricky Ross from deacon Blue who have a new album out “The Great Lakes.” So hopefully a few cheeky Deacon Blue numbers thrown in. The new album is nothing like Deacon Blue and is very mellow. Worth a listen for all DB fans. So thats the musical review over pop pickers and time for round two of Cheggers plays pop.

I posted this on my facebook but gonna stick it on here. Its a BBC news story about a baby which fell under a train and survived. I cant to begin to imagine the horror the mother felt but all was well and it is one amazing video clip. BABY UNDER TRAIN CLIP

So part two of the school run passed and a quick stop off on the way back to pick up some rose for this evening and the kids wanted some ice creams. Just finished my chores for the day (hoovering and washing up) and a little fairy popped up and said “you will go to the ball.” I wonder if Mrs Fay gets that when she does her housework ? So a night in with Mrs Fay tonight. Do we get a film or will we end up on the playstation and that means a singstar challenge. What a life we lead eh. The next major decision for the day is what to have for tea. I like Fridays so many nice decisions to make e.g what to stuff my fat face with and what to get bevvied with.

Noticed this news story in the week. A trial of a scanner that produces “naked” images of passengers has begun at Manchester Airport. The authorities say it will speed up security checks by quickly revealing any concealed weapons or explosives. But the full body scans will also show up breast enlargements, body piercings and a clear black-and-white outline of passengers’ genitals. I wonder what the interview for that job will be ? Will this technology be able to be planted into a mans brain in the future because most of us have been trying this style of technology on a daily basis but will very little success. I wouldnt want to be going through this scanner on a cold day with a female on duty either. She might pull me to one side and say “excuse me sir can you take that wallnut whip from your boxer shorts please”



Fay x

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