Liverpool Direct Limited, give us my dosh.

So after nearly two months away from working for Liverpool City Council or Liverpool Direct Limited as some people call it they still manage to wind me up. On leaving the council I owed them one and a half days leave. Now I had no problem with this as it is what I owed. On the other hand I was owed back pay from our recent April 2009 wage increase settlement. Now the council were quick of the mark invoicing me for the leave I owed (I got the invoice on 25th September.) My first instincts proved correct as I thought I aint paying them jack shit until I get my backpay. So the backpay is being paid to all council employees this Thursday coming. But not for me. I was expecting one last little credit in my bank account from the council. But no. To get paid what is rightfully mine I have to write in and request it. I phoned up and asked if the amount owed could be subtracted from my invoice and a new invoice raised. Well sir that is two different sections of HR and we cant do that. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Well can you just sort my back pay to pay on November 27th. Well sir you have to write in and request this, you cant phone or email. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I was going to hire a racing pigeon and have it drop off my letter direct to the relevant floor of Venture Place on Sir Thomas Street.  So being a Sunday morning and nothing else to do I have in true Meldrew style completed a complaint for on the council web site called “have your say.” I can guarantee I have had my say and I have also contacted my local councillors. I wonder how many people have left the council and have never been paid up in full and yet when you owe them leave they are very quick in claiming back what is theirs.


And so Mrs Fay is watching x-factor on the sky plus and the couple of days when people were talking politics has gone. Back to this shite and the worry of not who to vote in next years general election. After all its too far to drive to the local school or whatever to vote on serious issues that effect you. Might as well sit on your arse and watch a load of shite artists perform in a show that is fixed to give you the views they want you to see (Hey your shite do this as a audition make a cunt of yourself and we will give you a few grand and put it on the telly) just you lot worry about who to phone up for and keep in tonight. I will fight the tories and the BNP off myself.

So Sunday beers for the footy today. God knows what the result will be. Well he doesnt as there is no such thing. Oh dear xfactor and god bashing in one blog I am going to be as popular as Nick Griffin or those twins from x-factor (see despite despising it I keep my finger on the pulse)  Kids seem to be getting over their colds despite Charlotte deciding to fall down the stairs yesterday. My heart stopped for a moment there but she was fine. That reminded me of the time I fell down the stairs when I lived with my nan. I was going up to bed with sausage and chips after a few beers out. My bedroom was more of a bed sit then as my nan didnt let me go in the front room then. The front room had been untouched since about the late 1960’s and was a proper best room for guests only. So I got half way up the stairs and realised I had not put any tommy K on my chips. So I went to go down again when I fell down the stairs. I put a foot behind me and slid to the bottom. I was so worried about my chips that I never dropped one chip and thought I had got off injury free. That was until the next morning when I went to get out of bed and walk. It was then the action tumble with a portion of chips came back to me. I had only broken my big toe but must have been so drunk and the craving of chips that intense that at the time it hadnt registered. Oh well must go getting picked up soon might get some chips on the way home but I am deffo gonna eat them downstairs !!!




3 thoughts on “Liverpool Direct Limited, give us my dosh.

  1. the poxy back pay is only 1% – but you fight for it!!

    still working for LCC and getting paid handsomly to do so I shouldn’t really slag them off…but rest assured you’ll piss someone off when your Have your Say lands in their email box ha ha!!

  2. They owe me 3 months from 3 years ago and Clare for that matter as well. That will be another two Have Your Says this week?!?

    I wonder what the pay rise was in 06?

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