Seasick Steve review and my baby girl.

So Friday was business as usual and a trip to David Lloyd with Charlotte, one day I will make it over there to do some exercise. Friday night was games night in Bens with Dave and Richie. So we played numerous xbox and wii games, drank beer and had a burger and chips. What you might call man heaven. Just needed a pole and a dancer but Ben’s girlfriend just went to bed when she came in ! I ended up only having about 7 beers and got a lift home as well so it was a very sensible session and I felt fresh on Saturday morning apart from some sinus trouble. Saturday was a trip to Hunts Cross and Speke retail with the family. Elizabeth had to decide between a football top and some footy trainers or a DS game. She is playing football after school so needs some stuff but me and my caveman views would much rather have her doing sewing or cookery. So when I asked her what she wanted she replied ” I think I will have a DS game today and then we can get the footy top and trainers tomorrow” Nice try, if only it was that easy eh. Managed to perk up enough to go to see Seasick Steve in concert on Saturday night.

So Seasick Steve was playing @ The Olympia by the Grafton. The only other time I have been in the Olympia was to see some amateur boxing a few years ago. No support for the concert and Steve came on about 8.30. The first part of the gig (there was an interval) was a mixture of Seasick Steve, Seasick Steves son and Amy LeVerve. This sort of broke the flow of the gig and I was hoping in the second half that it would just be Seasick on his own. Unfortunately the second half was the same as the first. Amy Levere was Ok but his son wasnt very good at at all. I have seen Seasick on 3 previous occasions in Liverpool and each one he was brilliant but the format of the gig ruined the occasion this time. Sensible one again and ent home straight from the gig after 6 pints although I am still heartbroken I missed out on a visit to the Lobster Pot mmmmm.


So Sunday and once again much fresher than I thought I would feel. A quick trip to Clitheroe to pick my dad up and sunday lunch in my sisters. I took my xbox 360 to my sisters and we were able to watch the match on it as her house is a sky sports free zone. Elizabeth was playing her new DS game called my baby girl which is a game about bringing up a baby. Ive done nothing but change virtual nappies today had virtual baby baths and feeds. Anyway the good news is that baby Eve is now 6 months old and now rolling over. Have to send my child benefit and child tax credit forms in so I have more money for lager and M&S food. Have to have an early night tonight in case my baby girl wakes up. She is 6 months after 1 day so at this rate her 18th birthday will be on the 13th of December and I could be playing my baby granddaughter by christmas eeek.


So another Sunday night and I do miss having a beer on a Sunday and winding down the weekend. Early to bed once I have packed my overnight bag but me and Dave are hitting the town in Castleford on Monday night to watch the Liverpool game so should have some decent blog material on my return on Tuesday. I see the Liverpool Pisshead Arena, sorry Liverpool Echo Arena is in the news after Morrissey went of stage after one and a half songs after being hit on the head by a plastic drinks container on Saturday night. Hopefully this will be the thing needed to get on top of the booze consumption that occurs at this arena. I have never known an arena so geared up to getting you pissed. Its a great arena but I feel it is that bad booze wise that when Oasis played there last year I decided to go to Sheffield instead and I will never be going the darts again after last years pissing in sinks, bottle throwing etc etc. Another concert for me this Wednesday and its Mcintosh/Ross at Pacific Road Arts Centre in Birkenhead. I will leave you with the clip that brought Seasick Steve to me a few new years eve back on Jools Holland. The guy is brilliant.


Fay x


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