Secret toast and handy wine opening tip.

So a nice Monday at home and no more staying over in Castleford. Still got a contract there but working on my own from next week so will be doing hours that suit me. Just like old Liverpool council times today with a cheeky 7-1 and I even managed to go the gym for a workout for the first time in weeks. Bloody hard work as well. So back to Saturday night and it was down to Colins for a few beers to watch some footy and rugby league. Even managed to sneak a chip barm in from Steve’s chippy in Aigburth Vale. We sank that many beers we had to go out for more and I did not leave until 2am. The main culprit of the night being Tiger Woods Golf 2010 on the Wii. Mr Airey was crowned champion. He was also champion toast maker with his secret recipe . Below is Mr Wignell in full swing and Gordon “Airey” Ramsay preparing his secret toast.

IMG_0579 IMG_0580

So I managed to drag myself out of my pit on Sunday morning as did not feel to bad considering the number of bottles we sunk. Went to sunny Clitheroe to pick my dad up and spent the rest of Sunday in ours having a very lazy day indeed. So with going solo from next Monday I need to get myself a car. Not really into cars so havent a clue what to buy. More into my gadgets so the car must be able to play an ipod, speaking of which I can now get all the sky sports channels on my iphone which is very handy for watching in bed. How technology has moved on from black and white TV’s for which would you believe  30,000 people still have a black and white TV licence.

So its time for I am a celebrity get me out of here and even less time for me to watch TV as Mrs Fay flitters more of her life away. It got me thinking though who I would like to see in the jungle, so here are my 10 people.

Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais, Noel Gallagher, Seasick Steve, Jan Molby, Holly Willoughby, Suzanne Collins, Sheryl Crow, Richard Herring and Nick Griffin.

Dont think I would last long in the jungle considering my dodgy diet and food phobia I aint got no chance of eating no kangaroo bollocks or any other of the shennanagins they get up to. Now them people would get me tuning in every night. But as it is I will be tucked up in bed before it starts tonight. Finally back to one of my fave subjects one again and its booze. Now if you are ever caught short and dont have a bottle opener for your bottle of wine this fella shows the way its done. Just need to have the nerve to have a go myself now.

What do you call a man with three trees on his head. Head wood wood wood, RIP …………….boom boom.


Fay x


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