I am falling out of love with her.

So a love affair which has gone on longer than I care to remember. One that has taken me all over the UK even to Greece and Turkey and its nearly all over. I have been falling out of love with her for some time now but over the last few weeks I have to admit it has got worse. It is coming to the point were I am gonna walk away from her forever and I dont take this step lightly. It was last night it got too much. It was about 10.20 in the evening and I was in bed. I was nice and snug under the covers and then she went and done it one more time. I watched her cheat on me one more time. There is only so much a man can take. Too many times she has cheated on me and every time it get worse. it still shocks me and I linger for her to be honest once again but the point of no return has come. I try to remember the balmy night in Turkey and the night of my life we had together but no, I wont let her cheat on me much longer. She is taking the piss now and as nobody else is doing anything I must put my foot down and am on the verge of walking out of the relationship. So as I recovered in bed last night still reeling from another betrayal right before my very eyes. Tears where shed over what happened and a lifetime of golden memories are being tarnished. Just how the fuck did Thierry Henry get away with that handball against Ireland ? It my my own clubs David N’gog only a week before and its getting worse all the time. My love has one last chance in South Africa in the summer. Maybe that trip away can patch up our relationship and the cheating will stop. If it doesnt then its time for divorce and farewell football. I love you so much please lets have one more try and make it work. We are so good together. All the times we have a drink and fun. How can I live without you ? Remember Istanbul.

And in other news get on this fella win £250,000. Rugby fan Stuart Tinner shows his delight last night after winning £250,000 by booting a ball against the crossbar from 30 metres at Wembley. To the delight of fans at the Saracens versus Springboks game Stuart managed to crash the ball into the post to scoop the cash prize – in his socks. Watch the video below.

Another working week over and some good news on the work front but I have to keep stum until next week. What a tease, I know. My Auntie and cousins are up this weekend so will be going out on a rare date with Mrs Fay on Saturday. Its also my nans 94th birthday today. Still living at home on her own and still plonked infront of the cable TV (She hasnt quite moved onto sky HD yet) watching repeats of The Bill and Dynasty. Just gave her her presents and my sister had taken her out for a carvery where she enjoyed two large whiskies. Maybe thats the secret of living to 94 oh yeah and the cold liver oil tablets she takes. With all the benefits she gets now she can spend loads of money on scratchcards and lotto tickets, yet when she had four kids to bring up she did not have two pennies to rub together. Life is backwards. She spent time in Llandudno during the war when my grandad fought. You just cant begin to imagine the changes she has seen over her life. She always has a special place in my heart as I lived with her for 10 years and I knew her as the bank of nan. I soon cottoned onto the fact that no matter what amount I borrowed of her she would moan the same. So instead of going to her for 5 lots of £20 and getting nagged 5 times I soon realised just get in there and get the £100 straight away. Enjoy your birthday and 6 to go to the big 100.


Fay x


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