Muzzi update and I need a new chrimbo prezzie.

So no systems in work on Wednesday as well and another day of watching TV, playing games and I made it over the gym again. I managed to watch 3 episodes of the gadget show. A quick update Blue Peter style and the totaliser is up to £12 for my muzzi. I have a decent stubble on my beard and I will trim it down next Thursday to my choice of design for my muzzi. Although I am tempted to start it over the weekend. Its then a case of just thickening it out for chrimbo day. Here is the link if you havent seen it and just £1 will do. Think of the laugh you can have at my expense. FAYMONDO”S MUZZI PAGE

So I even managed to do some Christmas shopping on Wednesday to beat the rush. Cant think of what I want for christmas but I think this is now out of the equation. Hair-replacement adverts featuring cricket legends Shane Warne and Graham Gooch have been banned by an advertising watchdog. The Australian spinner and former England captain have been featured prominently in advertising for the Advanced Hair Studio for several years, usually with close-ups of Gooch’s head in ‘before and after’ condition following strand-by-strand replacement.But a new advert that also featured the company’s laser hair treatment has fallen foul the Advertising Standards Agency, with the watchdog ruling that it is misleading.The advert – featuring a grinning Warne with the line “I stopped worrying about my hair when I heeded the Warne-ing signs and saw Advanced Hair Studio” – was deemed to imply that the laser procedure would produce the same hair replacement results as the strand-by-strand method. The shine was taken off the advert when an examination of the bald facts showed this not to be the case, and the advertisement – unlike Warne and Gooch – will need a bit of a trim before it can appear again. Looks like its the usual socks , boxies and lynx for chrimbo then.

So a full day in work to day and made it home just in time for footy. Just think if the traffic was 5 mins worse I could of went straight to the chippy instead. Oh well some you win some you lose. Mrs Fay and the kids are off to London tomorrow so a whole weekend to myself. Party time. Well maybe not now I am 36. Gonna have a few of the lads around on Friday and have a relaxing weekend and I aim to make it over the gym a couple of times and have a footy festival on Sunday. I am quite a fan of the past and I found this site whilst surfing the interweb. It has pictures from old times as well as pictures from parts of Liverpool you never get to see. Some good photo’s I thought. Click here for Liverpool pictures.

So another short blog as its 10pm and I havent had my tea yet,


Fay x


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    1. Me too. I think it comes from when I was a kid & we used to go exploring. The Health & Safety Fun Police would have a fit if they knew what we used to get up to as kids. We even used to play conkers without safety goggles!!! How none of us were never killed I have no idea :-0

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