The muzzi has landed.

Its here the muzzi has landed but you will have to read my boring blog first. A lovely Friday off and the kids and wife are packed off to London. The fridge is sporting a selection of Tyskie, Red Stripe and Corona and the games session has begun. Big weekend for all footy fans this week and I try my best not to blog on sport but you cant let a derby match go without comment. A game both teams need to win (nailed on draw) Both teams having a touch of bad press at the moment. Everton have had there plans for a new stadium  shelved and an extra cost that has not been mentioned much has been the waste of money the spent on the proposed new team bus as pictured below.

In the interest of fairness this web site has been set up dedicated to Liverpool end of season party. CLICK HERE FOR END OF SEASON PARTY So have fun on Sunday folks and remember its only footy. The derby has turned nastier over the last 25 years but I link it only to a decline in society in general and not footy related. If your thinking of having a scrap then cross your fingers you end up in this prison. A day out being offered as a raffle prize to prisoners at a Lancashire jail has been withdrawn after the governor revealed he knew nothing about it. Inmates at HMP Kirkham, an open prison, can enter the competition for £1 if they help make a Christmas lunch for elderly people at a nearby day centre. Earlier the Prison Service said the winner would get a “single town visit”. Well well well. Ive heard 2nd prize was a sawn of shotgun and 3rd prize a 30 second supermarket dash around the vaults of your nearest bank. Now this is one of your open prisons. Open , Prison am I missing something ? Nevermind just popping out to hold up the local poundland but my new muzzi might be a giveaway.

So onto the muzzi and it has landed. Give it a chance as thats only 5 days old. I have decided to so for an extended Paul Rutherford look from one of my fave bands from the 80’s Frankie Goes To Hollywood. I wonder if my parents were a bit worried with my liking of Frankie. I was only 10 when they burst on the scene and an innocent 10 year old at that. I could have been going through a confused stage of my young life. So lets remember the reason for the muzzi and its to raise funds for a prostrate cancer charity. Please spare a pound to have a laugh at me up to and including christmas by donating via my web page CLICK HERE FOR MY MUZZI PAGE I feel like Bob Geldolf at the moment “Jesus Christ just give us the fookin money.” So heres a shot of Mr Rutherford and Mr Fay.

I might pop into town tomorrow and see if I can get myself a leather vest. Hit me with those laser beams. So as I have mentioned all monies raised go to The Prostrate Cancer Charity. It’s easy for a man to get his prostate gland examined. It’s a walnut-sized organ at the base of the bladder. It can be felt with the tip of a finger inserted into the rectum. Its texture and firmness should be similar to that of the flesh between your thumb and the rest of the hand when you make a tight fist. If you feel anything that is as firm as the knuckle, then that needs to be brought to a physician’s attention. Oh shit I have just remembered Mrs Fay is away with the kids. I am gonna have to examine my own ewwwwwwwwww. On that bombshell I am signing off.

(Now I wonder what finger is best, maybe a thumb ??)


Fay x


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