Tonight im gonna party like its 2010.

And so a few of my mates came around for beers and a gaming session on Friday which finished about 2am in the morning after a final defeat in xbox snooker. Taking advantage of no kids I had a lovely lie in on the Saturday and had some more beers on Saturday night once again enjoying the calm of no children in the house. Felt a bit tired on Saturday so did not make it over to the gym. I was listening to my itunes on shuffle when a Prince track came on. It was “1999” and I remember thinking when it came out in 1984 how far away 1999 actually was. Such a shame now I have the same feeling but in reverse as it fells like how far in the past was 1999. Another Prince thing that came to mind was that he was using text speak well before text speak was out. With song titles such as “I would die 4 u” and “U got the look” to name a few. There is also the urban myth (Or is it true ? ) that he had a rib removed so her could errrrr well lets just say be more flexible !!! Most probably up there with the Marc Almond urban myth. You would think that with prince being just over 3 ft 7 tall that he wouldnt need a rib removed unless his princely jewels are on the small side as well.

So another Sunday and after picking my dad up from Clitheroe and watching the derby with him I was then was very good and made it over the gym for 75 mins of cardio it was home to welcome the kids and Mrs Fay back from London. Nice to see the family again, although I did enjoy a nice chilled weekend as well. Back to the slog of work and the joys of commuting to Castleford. Gonna resist the temptation of finishing of the beers in the fridge and settle down nice and early in bed. Donations for the muzzi are coming on well and £32 has been donated already, so fingers crossed for more. Speaking of money poor old Mike Read the ex radio 1 DJ is now bankrupt and is being forced to sell his record collection. Now this isnt any normal record collection it is valued at around a cool £1,000,000 pounds and includes rare records from The Beatles and early Motown records. I must pop up into the loft and dust down my record collection which includes “Brothers In Arms” by Dire Straits (Who didnt buy that album ? ) and also some dodgy 7 inch singles by Timmy Mallet and “turtle power” by god knows who. In my defence I was a mobile DJ at the time and was buying for that for my punters but I will admit to having a Jimmy Nail CD “Aint no doubt” which was bought of my own accord. Back to Mike Read and when I was younger one chrimbo I was bought a board game called “Mike Read’s” pop quiz in which you had to form a band and get to number one. I think my family played a token game with me on chrimbo day and nobody ever played it with me again. Ahhhh Billy no mates. Top fact the fella on the front of the board game is the lead singer from Curiosity Killed The Cat and yes I have some of their songs in the loft as well !!!

So another blog and I end up delving in the past again. I do need to get out more dont I. Well I am out this Thursday to see few of my old workmates play in their band at the Cavern on Thursday night so I will review that. Also gonna go penguin hunting and on the scouse big wheel next Sunday. For now its early to bed and night night from me.


Fay x


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