I’m dreaming of a white drive home or is that 68 hot dogs ?

So another two 12 hour days in the bank and so strange looks in work. I can just imagine them thinking who is this scouse agency worker who has a porn star muzzi ! The other agency workers have kindly sponsored me and if you want to the click the link DONATE HERE A nice £32 with more for me to put on tomorrow and hopefully get a few bob from my old work. I will be posting a special appeal video on Fridays blog so look out for that. So no kids tonight as they are at their nannys so Mrs Fay can have a nice lie in as she is off work playing farms and stuff on Facebook. Sorry I mean sceptic tonsillitis. To be fair she isnt too well and is unable to swallow, no change there then. (If nanny is reading this blog please disregard the previous line) Mrs Fay hopes to be better for Sudley Schools christmas fair on Friday as she is helping out. I had a nose at the stuff she got from the PTA and would you believe it by the grace of god she is to be serving on the hot dog stall. I know its for school funds and stuff but if I dont get a hot dog on the house then there could be a divorce come Saturday morning. On the other hand though I could really make it to my advantage and attempt the world hot dog eating record. Wolfing down an incredible 68 hot dogs, Joey Chestnut defeated Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi at the 2009 edition of the Fourth of July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. It was the third consecutive victory for Chestnut, and Kobayashi, the six-time champion, once again finished in second place. Last year, Chestnut and Kobayashi tied at 59 dogs in the 10-minute regulation time, and then Chestnut won in overtime. This year Kobayashi improved, eating 64 dogs, but he didn’t improve as much as Chestnut did.
Chestnut, ever the perfectionist, said afterward that he wished he had done even better. Chestnut believed he could have eaten as many as 70 hot dogs if everything had gone right, but that he felt the buns were going down slowly this Fourth of July. But even if Chestnut wasn’t satisfied, everyone watching must have been. This was a great athletic performance. So watch out for an athletic performance from Neil George Fay this Friday @ Sudley School

So driving home tonight and coming over the moors we were hit by a blizzard. A proper full on blizzard. Glad I was driving to be honest as I am a dodgy passenger and it was pretty poor driving conditions. The 1st of December and winter starts off with a blizzard. Gonna warm back up over the next few days though but the promise of home working cant come quick enough. Were also not long after a crash which leads me to this story. Italian police have crashed their most valuable patrol car, a 165,000-euro (£150,000) Lamborghini. The accident happened near the northern Italian town of Cremona where it was on display at a student jobs fair. Reports say the car swerved to avoid another vehicle which crossed into its path, ploughing into two stationary cars. It was damaged beyond repair. One of the two officers in the vehicle at the time of the incident suffered a broken rib, the other received bruises. The Lamborghini car, painted in the Italian police force’s blue and white colours, was a gift to the force from the carmakers in 2004. The six-speed luxury vehicle with a 500-horsepower engine is designed to go from zero to 100km/h (60mph) in four seconds. Time for a lesson from the Tiger Woods driving school. Instead of a 3 point turn you have to escape your crazed wife who is coming after you with a golf club at 2.40 am because you have been having it off in Australia (Allegedly)

So another blog over and the next one should be Friday with my review of the band I am going to see at the cavern and also my video appeal on behalf of my muzzi.


Fay x


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