Daybreak live @ The Cavern

Quick muzzi update. 1 week old now and I am turning into a WWE wrestler (not good enough to be a porn star !)  You can donate by following THIS LINK. Or you can give me the dollar direct and I will donate on the page myself on your behalf. Will get the video appeal on over the weekend. Been very busy today eating Mcdonalds and sleeping.

The muzzi is coming on well and will be in great shape for chrimbo day. I might even decorate it with some christmas snow. It will be farewell to the muzzi on new years day. So Thursday night and a quick bight to eat in Damons and it was off to The Cavern to see a showcase of local bands one of which was Daybreak. The band consists of three people from Liverpool council who I used to work with. Rich Melia (Guitar and occasional raver) Simon Crookham (Bass and occasional cricketer, Phil Bernia (Drums and occasional brother to Disco Dave) and Lee Sealy  (Vocals and occasional dont know because I dont know him) So the band were second on at 8pm and performed a six song set list which was as follows. Sneaky Russian, Self Proclaimed, Four Seasons, Secret, These Streets and Anywhere but here. Quite a few people from my old work turned up in support and it was nice to catch up with a few old faces and get the latest gossip from the council benefits section which I am unable to post on here but mainly consisted of sex crimes and pregnancies but the two are not related eeeek !! So Daybreak performed well and the music was of very good quality and all four band members played well. The only criticism was that I feel that the lead singer could do with some backing vocals to help him on his way whilst he finds his feet performing live (This was only their 3rd gig) So step forward Si or Rich. Just think of what may lie ahead if one or both of you take the plunge. You can split from the band citing musical differences and go solo. I can see it now Ronco records present Si Crookham’s or Rich Melia’s (delete as appropriate) stunning new album “Susudio” the hits of Phil Collins including bonus track of “Another Day In Paradise” Live at the Excelsior pub Liverpool. If you ever need an agent, give us a bell. Joking apart it takes bottle to go up and perform and especially in front of lots of people you know. Well done.

So tonight is the Sudley School christmas fair and Mrs Fay on the hot dog stall. Then I might pop into town again to meet up with some mates two of which a new fathers and a little wetting the babies head session is on the cards. A lazy Saturday planned and then Sunday is penguin hunting, the scouse big wheel and grotto so should have something to blog about after that.

Sad to see the death of John Paul Massey after being attacked by a pit bull dog in Liverpool. How many more kids will die before something is done. There are some scallies parading these dogs as trophies (Mainly because they are shithouses and the dog makes up for this) but there are also joe average with these dogs. I seem to remember around 1991 that “Devil dogs” were in the news all the time and children were being killed then. (We were also in recession and fighting a war in Iraq, sound familiar ? ) a six year old girl was one who was killed. That six year old would now be 24. Might even of had kids of her own and yet nearly a generation later dogs are still killing kids. Do we not learn. Well I say ban them all and the animal brigade will be out saying my dog lives with me in and my family in our lovely semi detached house in suburbia and is fine would not harm anybody. Well err not, its still a killing machine and you are as guilty as the scally shithouses who parade around with them as backup. Might as well start on Jan the 1st. Shoot all dangerous dogs dead and lets not lose another childs life. I say Jan 1st so I can get shut of my shares in Pedigree Chum before they collapse. Now wheres my chihauhau ?




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