Just another brick in the wall

I love Thursday blogs. It means the weekend has started. The joys of home working have been great although I feel sorry for work mate Dave who found out you cant home work using Virgin media broadband. One of the rare occasions you wouldnt want to use a virgin. Just got beat at footy and it was mighty cold with the old moobs feeling a bit chilly when I got in. I was getting some practice in a I am playing 11 a side on Sunday against the police. That should be fun on a full size pitch freezing my bollocks off down Riversdale Road in this weather. Off for s few scoops afterwards to watch the Liverpool game. A luxury I can enjoy now with home working. Roll out of bed whenever I get up. Log on and throw some sausages on my George Foreman grill. Now thats what I call work. The only thing with home working is that I actually dont move out of the house apart from popping over the gym. Might have to get a UV light for my office to replicate sunlight so I dont suffer from SAD. On the muzzi front I have now raised £76 which is good news. I will post an update picture tomorrow when the muzzi will be two weeks old. So with home working not much has gone on in my ickle life so I have had to pic some of the more strange stories of the week.

A London gallery is looking for a £3,000 brick by artist Gavin Turk which went missing and was replaced with a worthless equivalent. Revolting Brick, signed by the artist, was substituted with one from a pile which exhibition-goers were invited to take from after their visit. “We are treating this seriously – important art has been taken,” said Area10 Project Space’s Dimitri Launder. He added that Turk has alerted art valuers and auctioneers. Organisers noticed that his brick had been substituted shortly before the show was due to end at the Peckham gallery. So if you are offered a knock off brick when you are buying you socks and wrapping paper from our local full of festive spirit smack heads then think again. Here is a picture of the brick in case you come across it.


In more disturbing news. Theodore Sypnier was freed from jail in upstate New York and is being moved from a half-way house to a flat in Buffalo. Residents say the sex offender should spend the rest of his life behind bars, and fear he will prey on youngsters in the area. “I want him away from society as long as possible,” Erie County district attorney Frank Sedita told wgrz.com. “It doesn’t matter to me that he’s 100-years-old. He’s evil. He’s a paedophile. Paedophiles are the worst.” Sypnier was charged in 1999 with raping two young sisters, who were aged four and seven at the time. The minister in charge of the half-way house said Sypnier has remained completely unrepentant of his crimes in counselling sessions. Reverend Terry King said the elderly paedophile can still walk for miles and should be kept away from children. He added: “He has been adamant that, ‘I’m 100, and I’m not gonna change’.” Now this is a shocking crime and should not be made fun of but I was thinking if this was in the UK would the queen of still sent him a telegram ? He’s that old that most people under the age of 40 would seem to be a lolita to him. I say cut his balls off and give him slippers and a pipe and a large pack of Werthers originals laced with cyanide. Or if you have a spare Gavin Turk brick that should do the job.

So some chilly weather on the way. Will it last for the chrimbo period ? I am not very festive but a white christmas would be nice and not the kind of white christmas spent in a toilet cubicle in town eh lads. Some of us like to poo in the toilets. More tomorrow.


Fay x


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