Snowman, Santa and Crimewatch

So after a touch of man flu and a mini bout of sickness its time to blog again. Some chilly weather over the last week and even I have been putting the heating on. I was a bit let down by the lack of snow we received but on demand of the children we did go out and play in the front garden for a bit on Sunday morning in what was more hail than snow but the kids were excited and they insisted on me making a snowman. So armed with a baby carrot and two raisins I managed to make the smallest snow man I have ever made. Needless to say “Frosty” as we called him has now melted away. I hope we get some decnet snow at some point because I love to make a snow man and go sledging up Holts Field in Mossley Hill. Anyway managed to grab a picture of the terrible two with our snowman (Which bears an uncanny resemblance to a penguin) to keep forever.

So after the epic snowman building session it was off into town to see Father Chrimbo. We had pre booked to go to the grotto @ Liverpool 1 by John Lewis. I have to say the father christmas was very good and is deffo worth going to (cutting it fine now I know) The girls faces were a treat and even Charlotte was doing well in overcoming her fear of Father Christmas. Do we got the usual keepsake photo and once again Claire’s arm was in shot as she tried to keep Charlotte from running away from Santa. So not long until the big day now and the question is what can I bribe the kids to be good with once this weekend comes and our house becomes a toy shop and the kids get so many selection boxes that I then have help get rid of in readiness for the 2010 fitness regime that will last until about the 7th of Jan when for the first of about 20 times in the coming year I say to myself “Start on Monday”

I see today the first case ever on Crimewatch has been solved. The girl disappeared in October 1983 and was featured on Crimewatch on 07th June 1984 and was finally solved today. At this rate the Jill Dando case will be solved in 2024 when I will be 50 and Crimewatch 40. Could be a nice triple celebration there. Crimewatch was the must see programme when I was a kid and then I would try and stay awake for the update to see if they had any takers for the silver candlesticks that PC David Hatcher  (see pic below) showed in the Aladins cave section of the show were the police had recovered a load of knock of gear they themselves didnt want. All Crimewatch really succeeded in doing was putting the shits up us all despite Nick Ross saying “Please dont have nightmares” this 10 year old couldnt move as I was scared stiff and could hear a flea fart from 2 miles away such was my paranoia of noise. Ah the innocence of a 1980’s 10 year old. Of course the senior school kids of today are much tougher and indeed carry out most the rapings, shootings and knife crime themselves. Just had a eureka moment. I think I will phone the BBC tomorrow and see if they fancy my sales pitch of Junior Crimewatch. Old skool presenter as well and I think I will go for John Craven.


Fay x


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