Liver launderette and muzi update.

So nearly christmas time. Not my fave time of the year, bah humbug. I dont need to be told I must have fun on a select day. I can quite happily have burger and chips , lots of beer and chocolates on any day of the year. I will however make an effort so the kids have a great christmas and not forgetting Mrs Fay. How every christmas eve she must think how unlucky am I to have Fay. I have gone to extra lengths this year to keep her happy. Indeed the other week the tumble dryer broke an as I had a few bob spare I said I would get Mrs Fay an extra chrimbo present. So I got her a lovely condensing tumble dryer with a 7kg load. I even went as far as when it arrived on Monday instead of making Mrs Fay wait until Christmas day I let her have an early christmas present. The look of her face was of sheer horror joy. So she sat down that night with the instructions to her new Indesit waiting for the washing to finish to break her tumble dryer virginity. Now waiting for something to finish seems twice as long as if you were just going about your normal business. But soon Mrs Fay was loading the tumble dryer and away it tumbled. I knew what Mrs Fay was thinking. “How lucky am I to have a Indesit condensing tumble dryer, I could have been spending all of winter down at the local Liver Launderette.” In a strange family twist my Nan used to work in the Liver Launderette in Aigburth. I spent many an hour playing hide and seek in there and later on when I was a student and lived with my nan taking my drying down there. So one happy wife and she still has got her other presents to come although due to the cost of the tumble dryer I have said she has to have that for chrimbo and her birthday in March. Well it keeps her out of here……

So a quick muzzi update and the muzzi will be 4 weeks old on chrimbo day and I can feel it now on my lips etc its getting that bushy. I often find old bits of biscuit in there and it seems to have a habit of absorbing a lot of bean juice but apart from that its ok. I have raised £111 so far so if I could get to £150 that would be very good indeed and thanks to those who have donated and for those who havent just pass me £1 or click the link and donate £1 online. At least it keeps my top lip warm in this chilly weather we are having. Im hoping for a white chrimbo but it doesnt look like we are going to get one. Last chance of any snow will be tonight into tomorrow but its gonna be a chilly winter and my muzzi doesnt keep me that warm.


Fay x


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