Doomsday clock and naughty Peppa Pig

And so the doomsday clock moves one minute away from midnight. Good news for all. The Doomsday Clock – a barometer of nuclear danger for the past 55 years – has been moved one minute further away from the “midnight hour”. The concept timepiece, devised by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) now stands at six minutes to the hour. The group said it made the decision to move the clock back because of a more “hopeful state of world affairs”. The clock was first featured by the magazine in 1947, shortly after the US dropped its A-bombs on Japan. The clock had been adjusted 18 times before today since its initial start at seven minutes to midnight. I have a strange fascination with this clock ever since I was young. I think it was the fact that it was at 3 minutes to midnight then due to the cold war and the nuclear threat. As a young teenager in the 80’s we lived with the threat of the three minute warning and being tuned into dust by a nuclear bomb from our arch rivals the Russians. The question was “what would you do with your last three minutes ?” Being a hormonal teenager I just wanted to get my end away and lose my virginity. If the three minute warning went now I could still get my end away and have 2 minutes to spare (Im thinking food and drink now ! ) We were influenced by the “Two Tribes” video by Frankie Goes to Hollywood which showed the U.S and U.S.S.R leaders fighting and the cover had details on about how many bombs each side held. The 12 inch mix also had snippets from Protect and Survive which was a public information series on civil defence produced by the British government during the early 1980s. It was intended to inform British citizens on how to protect themselves during a nuclear attack, and consisted of a mixture of pamphlets, radio broadcasts, and public information films. The series had originally been intended for distribution only in the event of dire national emergency, but provoked such intense public interest that the pamphlets were authorised for general release. If a nuclear bomb wasnt gonna blow you up before you lost your virginity in the 80’s then if you dare had sex you were gonna catch AIDS and die. Together with recession and a degradation of Liverpool itself the 80’s were not the best times to be growing up as a teenager. Thank god for the 1990’s. Italia world cup, Cream, The 051 and Garlands. Dont remember much of the 90’s its a blur mannnnnn but I think it was good.

So today I have Charlotte and that means Peppa Pig and swimming, but what a naughty pig Peppa is. TV character Peppa Pig will be seen wearing a seatbelt in future episodes, after parents raised concerns over children following her example. British animation company Astley Baker Davies said it would also re-animate scenes from the first and second series to reflect the change. “We were very naive when we started making Peppa,” co-founder Mark Baker told Broadcast magazine. “If we could turn the clock back, we would,” he said. Aimed at children aged two and above, Peppa Pig won a children’s Bafta in 2005 for best pre-school animation. Shown on Five and children’s channel Nick Jr, it follows a five-year-old pig named Peppa, her family and friends. Astley Baker Davies had initially considered including seatbelts and child seats in the show but felt it might limit the characters’ range of expressions. But it reversed its stance after a parent complained that her daughter had refused to wear a seatbelt because Peppa did not. I wonder who the parent addressed the letter to ? Dear Peppa could you please put a seatbelt on because as a responsible adult and parent I am unable to control my child and she wont put a seatbelt on because you dont you naughty pig. Also could you tell grandpa pig to drive his boat in a correct  manor and stop crashing it because my father (child’s grandfather) is now crashing his boat on a regular basis because he watched and episode of yours. Things have gone too far now as my postman has turned into a Zebra, my optician has changed his name by deed poll to Mr pony and finally my daughters best friends are now sheep, who also dont use seatbelts. Yours faithfully, stupid parent who must teach their kids that cartoons arent real othewise I would think that men live with human sized bears, pink hippo’s and a naughty bastard with a zip for a mouth. P.S on the plus side I am glad that mummy and daddy pig have known each other since play group and have formed a nice nuclear family and are not single parent pigs renting a sty from a housing association claiming swine benefits.

Peace (oink oink)

Fay x


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