Wii fit plus and album of the week, Jesse Dee

So midweek and settling down for the next episode of the new horror series that is Liverpool F.C’s season. Managed to get on the new Wii Fit plus game I bought over the weekend. When I played it up popped a message saying it was over 600 days since I first went on the original Wii Fit. In that time I have put on 5 pounds. That means that sometime in my 60’s I will burst !!! Some new exercises on the Wii Fit Plus and I even used the step that Mrs Fays dad built for me, the one that had been doubling up as a table for my booze at the weekend. So lets see how Wii Fit Plus does for my fitness eh.

The government of South Korea have come up with a way to burn a few extra calories. South Korean government workers are being given an unusual instruction – go home and multiply. At 1900 on Wednesday, officials at the Ministry of Health will turn off all the lights in the building. They want to encourage staff to go home to their families and, well, make bigger ones. They plan to repeat the experiment every month. The Ministry of Health, now sometimes jokingly referred to as the Ministry of Matchmaking, is in charge of spearheading this drive, and it clearly believes its staff should lead by example. Generous gift vouchers are on offer for officials who have more than one child, and the department organises social gatherings in the hope of fostering love amongst its bureaucrats. I will have to email my old workmates at Liverpool City Council (Or Liverpool Direct Limited robbing you and me out of our council tax) to see if there are any plans to implement it there. I am often turning light off in the Fay household but this is strictly me being a mingebag and saving the lekky.

Decided to download at least one album a week on Spotify. If you havent heard of this and like music visit http://www.spotify.com/en/ I have seven passes for the free version if anybody is interested leave a message below this blog. This weeks album I have downloaded is “Bittersweet Batch” by Jesse Dee. A mixture of soul, funk and blues and reminds me of a male Amy Winehouse  minus the crack, beehive, fag in mouth as strange boobs plopping out a vest. Jesse has opened for Al Green and Etta James. Well worth a listen.

Short blog tonight


Fay x x


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