John Terry and a mans handshake *

And so the weekend begins and another beer cracked open. It twas another freezing wet game of footy last night won by the last kick of the match with was a rebound of a penalty. Elizabeth who was sick earlier in the week decided to be sick again on Thursday night but this time she had what she describes as “The runners” to me and you its called “The Shites.” So it was another Friday off school for her and we did manage to get out to Speke retail to buy a new laptop as my spare PC that the kids use decided to finally pack up. Well it was 6 years old and had served us proud. Whilst in Currys deciding on the best lap top to buy Charlotte decided she needed a wee. Only one option and it was over to McDonalds to use the toilet. Just before we got into Mcdonalds Elizabeth got a smell from there, you know the smell of McDonalds chips. She then said ” I dont know if I can go in there and smell McDonalds without getting anything ! ” So daddy caved in rather easily and bought the kids small chips each, last of the big spenders eh. I got two plain big macs, large fries and a strawberry milkshake. I wish I just nicked a few of the kids chips. So back to currys and got a lap top for £350 and home to set it up and play a a few cheap games that we bought. As a Mac and Apple convert I wasnt going to shell out £800 on a Macbook just for the kids to go on cbeebies web site. The big decision will be in early summer as to do I get the new iphone model or the new ipad. I am sure there will be more blogging on that nearer the time.

Picked this up of the news. People who administer bone-crushing handshakes to prove the strength of their personalities should be charged with assault, says a Labour MP. Paul Flynn, 74, the MP for Newport West, used his blog to claim that shaking hands was getting less popular. “Good riddance. They are unnecessary, unhygienic, germ-spreading intrusions,” he wrote. He said some “oafs use them to prove the strength of their personalities with bone-crushers”. “They should be summoned for assault.” Mr Flynn wrote that eye-watering hand squeezes could be excruciatingly painful. “Grimacing in pain does not deter them. Even yelps of pain or sarcasm has no effect.” He said he had tried sarcasm on these “insensitive dolts” (Whats a fookin dolt ?) but the point was ever understood. Now I have to admit that I shake hands like a girl and it does my head in when I am on the receiving end of a tough handshake. Whats the need ? You wanna game of man top trumps. My car beats your car (I’d lose) next its zip lob and you can imagine the rest (I’ve lost again) and so I am down to my last trump card. Beer gut, at last a win, be gone with your tough guy handshake that most probably is hiding something about you and as he turned around I spotted a box of Viagra in his pocket.

Looking forward to getting my sunday papers this weekend and I think that John Terry might be involved somewhere. An order preventing the media from reporting details of England football captain John Terry’s private life has been lifted by the High Court. Mr Justice Tugendhat removed the injunction, taken out by Terry, which banned reports about the Chelsea star’s alleged affair with an unnamed woman. An interim order had been granted at a private hearing in London last Friday. It had banned publication of details of the alleged relationship and barred the use of photographs relating to it. However, the judge said the information was in “wide circulation amongst those involved in the sport in question, including agents and others, and not just amongst those directly engaged in the sport”. So what has JT been doing. Will this open doors to other dodgy goings on that have been blocked like a premiership football manager that has been to many brothels ? * Disclaimer from blog title John Terry and a mans handshake refers only to two different articles in this blog and does not in anyway suggest that John Terry hand been shaking the hands of men down Otterspool Prom (Although come Sunday who knows.)


Fay x x


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