Turbo B Vs The Coles.

So the post Riga blues/hangover is over and I actually fancy a bevvy again, although not at 4.20 am in the morning. Well not unless I am coming in at that time. Swerving the news tonight as Cheryl and Ashley have split up. Ashley must have discovered that photo I sent Cheryl of my beer […]

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A cultural review of Riga

So it was Wednesday and the alarm went at 3.40am. Quick wash and grab of the bag and after being sorted out with a sausage butty from one of the lads it was upstairs in the bar at the airport. A pint at 4.15 am was a world record for me. Beating the previous best […]

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Derby preview and tubular breasts

Warning this blog contains a naked picture. So another working week done and I didnt have to go to Castleford after all, its next Wednesday instead. So its derby weekend and Liverpool V Everton on Saturday. The once what seemed friendly derby now spoilt by a minority of fans from both side who seem intent […]

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Exclusive John Terry picture

So all thats on the front page and the back page is John Terry, England and Chelsea captain and his alleged affair with a team mates ex girlfriend. So can John Terry or JT as he likes to be known hold onto the captaincy of England ? I think he should be more worried about […]

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