Exclusive John Terry picture

So all thats on the front page and the back page is John Terry, England and Chelsea captain and his alleged affair with a team mates ex girlfriend. So can John Terry or JT as he likes to be known hold onto the captaincy of England ? I think he should be more worried about holding onto his marriage. So Faymondo’s blog can reveal this training ground photo of John Terry and Frank Lampard. Now to be fair John Terry might just be an innocent party in the photo from an England training camp but with allegations flying around Frank Lampard seems in the thick of the action here and a picture paints a thousand words. Keeping on the sports theme is was transfer deadline day today. Sky sports new try and make an event of this with their countdown clock and they even went over for the chimes of big ben at five o’clock when the transfer window closed shut. I can confirm that Neil fay (Age 36, previous clubs Aigburth Peoples Hall (APH) and Sudley F.C) who was available on a free transfer has not secured a club. There was late interest from Pie Arse F.C but Mr Fay failed the fitness test. But as Sky Sports can reveal the transfer window in Scotland doesnt close until 12am. So still a chance to move to Battered Mars Bars F.C of Glasgow. As footballers would say “I have been a fan of Battered Mars Bars F.C since I was a child. There is nothing better in life than pulling a drunken 4ft 6 inches bird with ginger hair and then going back to hers for some Irn Bru and then having post sex a fight” (How many more Scottish stereotypes can you fit in one sentence?) I can confirm that if I sign for a new team then this Sundays News Of the World has managed to overturn an injunction I had against them and will reveal all about my sex life. It will be in the small print on the back of the paper !

So this week bring a return to Castleford for one day only as I have a training session. So it will be up for 5.15am and leaving Castleford at 7pm. This will serve as a nice reminder to me how lucky I am to be working from home and dont have to do that commute on a regular basis. The new Rugby League season starts soon and I have adopted Castleford as my team now, the way Liverpool are playing at the moment things might be better watching rugby league. So just a short blog tonight as I must go the gym and burn off the weekends excess. Spare a thought for poor old JT (Below) nah I didnt think you would.


Fay x


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