Derby preview and tubular breasts

Warning this blog contains a naked picture.

So another working week done and I didnt have to go to Castleford after all, its next Wednesday instead. So its derby weekend and Liverpool V Everton on Saturday. The once what seemed friendly derby now spoilt by a minority of fans from both side who seem intent on singing vile songs and have what seems general hatred for each other and the level of bitterness seems to increase as each derby passes. As my dad worked with Peter Reid’s old man we quite often got tickets for the Everton end. I was in the Everton end at Anfield when Graham Sharpe scored that wonder goal and also in the Everton end for the 1986 F.A Cup final. Wouldnt feel too keen on doing that these days. Can you imagine fans of both side putting up a picture in their window containing members of both squads in a mixed team photo ? Tried to find that picture online but alas I couldnt find it. I still enjoy the derby but as mentioned on previous blogs my passion for footy isnt what it used to be. So anyway I hope Liverpool win but whatever the result I will still be having merry drink come saturday night.

So last night about 9.30 in the evening I stumbled upon embarrassing bodies on Ch 4. Never watched this before and dont think I will again but it did have me hooked for 30 mins. The embarrassing bits on show this week were a woman with tubular breasts and man with a crooked willy and a woman who broke wind a lot. Well tubular breasts woman had to have an operation to sort her boobs out and the no longer looked like two droopy pieces of Toblerone, that chocolate that you only ever seem to but in an airport or on a ferry when going to France. She was very happy with the results. Crooked willy man also had to have operation but would lose some length ! He was happy with his new willy but the new willy was a virgin, I think the old one might have been judging by the bend on it originally. One side effect though was he now couldnt piss straight but could with the bendy willy. I cant get my head around that one. Finally farty woman had irritable bowel syndrome but to be honest the excess farting was the last of her problems judging by the muzzi she had on top of her lip. So I will never waste another 30 mins of my life like that but am safe in the knowledge that I will never need to go on as I am very happy with my tubular shaped man boobs, walnut whip size willy and I really dont give a damn where I fart. In the interests of being a blog that educates bendy willy is known as Peyronie’s disease. In 1994, when Paula Jones filed a sexual harassment suit against the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, she described a distinct curvature of his erect penis, which she cited as a distinguishing feature of his genitals that would prove her accusation. What became known (in some quarters) as the ‘Clinton Kink’ was believed by many experts to have been caused by the condition known as Peyronie’s disease, which affects one in 100 men – though few have heard of it. Usually appearing in middle age (although, younger and older men can also develop it), a plaque, or hard lump, forms on the upper or lower side of the penis in the layers containing erectile tissue, causing it to bend. Whilst many penises have a natural curve they don’t always point towards Peyronie’s disease which in its worst cases will see an afflicted penis bend almost horizontally to the side making urination difficult and sex impossible. So there you go and here is the mans bendy willy.

Personally I think its funny rather than educational and just wanted to get a picture of a bendy willy on my blog.


Fay x


2 thoughts on “Derby preview and tubular breasts

  1. Ah–Its good to laugh—until you have Peyronies Disease—then, it’s all despair. I wish the other 99 men out of a hundred who do not have it all the best.
    Mine was not terrible. But it was terrible enough.

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