Liverpool Direct darts surprise.

So Friday was a trip to town with Charlotte. I had to get some bits for my trip to Riga on Wednesday. I had to order some Latvian Lats but did manage to get myself a nice warm hat as temps are forecast to be well below zero and snowy as well. I also got my dad some presents for his birthday and was lucky enough that Charlotte wanted some sausage rolls as well. So that led us to a trip to Clitheroe on Friday evening and it was father fecks 65th birthday. So he can now officially be a grumpy bastard. I went with my sister and family to The Calfs Head in Worston and we had a nice family meal and then back to my dads for some birthday cake. A little clip below of the kids bringing out his cake. Note the cigarette burning away, not very advisable for somebody who has had one lung out and a brain tumour. But there you go. So my dad is officially a pensioner, makes me kind of feel old as well. I am looking forward to being a pensioner, popping out for a pint at leisure and playing on my playstation 6. I cant even begin to imagine what things we will have then but I bet you I have stuff made by Apple.

Saturday was started with me doing extra hours in work to make up for the lost hours due to the Riga trip. A few hours chilling and then it was onto the venue for the 2009 darts premiership. This is a tournament between friends that was enjoying its 10th year and is taken very seriously by ourselves. A few quick beers to get me in the zone for playing but only after a crisis. Mrs Fay has managed to lose my 10 year old darts so I rushed out to JJB to buy some new ones. In the practice session before the tournament started my new darts were to put it honestly rather shit. There was a spare set and after a little go with them I decided to play with them. So we had 7 people playing this year after 2 late drop outs and it was decided that we would have a league format with the top 4 going into the semis. So I played well in the group stages winning 5 and losing 1. In the semi finals I drew Scott Turner and won 3 legs to nil. So the big final and I was up against Colin Airey 2007 champion. An epic final went to one set each and one leg each. I had managed to leave myself on double 1 and yes I nailed it. The cup was coming home and my 5th championship. Colins spare set of darts had come back to haunt him. So the cup is mine until July when the 2010 championships will be played. Whilst we were playing Colin’s neighbour came to complain about the noise of the darts. He said it had been going on from 12 in the afternoon. Colin didnt land back in the country until 3pm ! We were playing on the lower floor of Colins crib and a long way from this fellas place. He knocked again later on but we just fucked him off again. God help him if we ever decide to have a party there ! I actually knew who his neighbour was. For all my ex council mates it was none other than David McElhinney himself. Leader of Liverpool Direct Limited. He said he was gonna speak to the landlord so I can only assume he renting his place and I wonder who is paying for that ? The good news is that we finished darts about 12.30am. I reckon he wouldve ordered some earplugs through LDL and charged the council a couple of hundred thousand pounds for them. Google “Liverpool cabal” and you can read about some of the things that have gone on and then you will be wishing we played darts all night. Heres the piece of history anyway.

So Sunday brought the hangover of death but was worth it to bring the cup home. Not much valentine love going on as I was in bed for 7.30 and slept from 8pm to 8am and was nice and refreshed for work. This morning brought the good news that my sister in law Emma gave birth to a little boy (Ethan) and im glad to report that her husband Geoff has come through the ordeal of a long drawn out labour but as you will understand is a bit tired. Will Mrs Fay get broody, will I win the darts in July. How crazy will Riga be ? All this and more in the next episode of Faymondo’s blog to be posted on Friday when I get back from Riga.


Fay x x


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