Bulger, Foot, Digby and a depressing blog.

So midweek blog time and some serious issues in the news and a few deaths. First up Michael Foot ex leader of the Labour party. Thats the proper labour party not to be confused by the new Labour party which we all know shares only one thing in common and thats the words Labour and Party. My memories of Michael Foot is that he was about 100 when he was in charge of the Labour Party and of  his Spitting Image puppet. If I recall his puppet was covered in cobwebs. Tried to find a picture but no luck. Have I imagined this puppet ? How shit is this interweb thing. I remember staying up in bed watching spitting image. It was a hard task as a 10 year old to do this (Yes I was a boring 10 year old watching political satire.) If you did manage to stay awake for it you could guarantee that Melvyn Bragg and The South Bank Show would soon put you asleep and that meant you missed out on The Lada Classic Snooker or in later years Prisoner Cell Block H. Astounded on checking up that it finished in 1996. Seems like a proper 80’s TV show for me. So as well all know Mr Foot was put in his place by a certain Margaret Hilda Thatcher. Helped by a little win in The Falklands war. The conjures up memories of a certain papers headline “Gotcha” when reporting on the sinking of the Argentine ship Belgrano which resulted in the deaths of 323 crew members. It also mocked Michael Foot for his age yet backed Ronald Reagan a few years later, who was older than Foot. We should have known then what a twat of a newspaper The Sun was and even worse the cunt in charge Kelvin McKenzie. Well there’s my Ben Elton little bit of politics piece for the month bet you cant wait for my general election blogs !

Next in the news was Kristian Digby who was found dead at his flat in east London on Monday morning. The 32-year-old, who was also a film director, had worked on a number of property shows including BBC One’s To Buy or Not To Buy. The results of a post-mortem examination have been “inconclusive”. Time for Jan Moir to pen a Gately-esque column in the Daily Mail. I think I will leave that one at that.

Last night brought the news that  one of James Bulger’s killers Jon Venables was back in custody. I will never forget the moment I found out about the death of James Bulger. I was on the way back from a 6th form trip (Booze up) to Prague and we had just got off at Dover heading home when the coach driver turned the radio on. Soon the radio presenter said and now back to the tragic news in Liverpool. This was only a few years after the Hillsborough disaster and the coach went silent. We then heard the news about James Bulger. Without getting too much into it I was of the opinion that despite the things them boys done (And I still thought that way when I became a parent myself) that they should be given some chance in life. Well it looks as if I was wrong. We will find out in due course what Venables has done to be returned to custody. The signs point to something major but speculation doesnt help and with the strict reporting rules surrounding the case its easy to speculate. Will the power of the internet flush things out this time ? The internet is a different beast to the one which was about in 2001 when they were released. A few strong subjects on this blog and dont forget you can post comments below and it proves that more than my family read this. Cant really do much more after blogging about Bulger so thats that and I promise a fun filled next blog.


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  1. Venables – he’s breached a condition of his licence and as I understand it that could me a minor thing such as breaking his curfew or a major thing such as another crime or even contacting his victim.

    I too can recall the event as if it were yesterday, the baby was found a mile or two from where we lived. whilst it is an abhorrent crime, I’d hate to think that two boys as young as they were could not be reformed back in to society – What they did was horrific and beyond normal comprehension, but was it nature or nurture? who knows and we’ll probably never know until someone wants to make money…film or book !!

    Just because he’s back in prison doesn’t mean he’s committed a further crime. Please British tabloids don’t drag this up again, if only to respect the memory of that little boy and his families torment. Let little James rest in peace.

  2. Im thinking because he is back inside and the risk that runs of blowing his cover then he has done something crime wise. The home secretary and prime minister has said that justice will take its course so I am thinking we cant be told now as not to prejudice the court case. It will all come out in time but your right about it being dragged up again in the tabloids again. More pain for the parents once again.

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