Stag night and Spring sun.

So Saturday came and I battled my man flu (I had thrown up in the night) and it was off to Yates on Allerton Road to meet some lads and the start of Joey Ryan’s Liverpool stag night. No mad dressing up or that (that was done on his long weekend in Birmingham) and a few pints later it was off into town to meet the rest of the lads in the Rat & Parrot. A few of the lads out I knocked around with from about the age of 16 to 21 so we talked about old times, all the cars we robbed and heroin we took. I kid you of course. We talked about our first night clubbing days in Scott’s which was under the Adelphi hotel and how we would go the bar by it called Kicks.A quick pint in Yates Queen Square and ten it was onto a 90’s bar on Matthew Street which was a 90’s dance bar and playing some corking old choons. I was even up on a podium at one point but dont tell anybody. I remember this bar as Labinsky’s were then Liverpool footballer Don Hutchinson got his willy out and put a label from a bottle of bud over it and the pictures ended up in The News Of The World. Thay had some cracking laser beams in there which took me back to the old Fallows 2 in Speke. On looking back at that it was one moody club but great set of laser beams. Next we ventured down the road and back in time to the 80’s and a boozer which I think was called “The Tube”  The Stag was well lubricated due to the number of strange drinks we were buying him. The night flew as it normally does when you have a laugh and I decided to bolt about 1.30 before things got messy. I woke up on Sunday feeling not to bad apart from this bastard phlegm I cant get rid off. I couldnt get the bloody “Vengaboys” tune out of my head due to that 90’s dance bar.

So Sunday and the sun was shining so we went out for a lovely family walk around Sefton Park. The park is looking splendid after it has been done up a bit and the palm house is the jewel in the crown of Sefton park. When we walked into what I know as the fairy glen which is situated right by the iron bridge we bumped into a typical scouse character. He was knocking on a bit but had everything you need for a visit to the park in his manbag. He had his own Robin that he called Christopher but despite best efforts his magic seeds didnt work and Christopher refused to land on Mrs Fay’s hand. The squirrels however did play game and were taking peanuts out Mrs Fays hand and the man was telling the kids about the friendliest monster in the water of the fairy glen. The kids bought everything he said such is the innocence of children. We ended up staying with this fella for about 15 mins as he showed us the various bits of the fairy glen which I think he regarded as his. With all the news and media you get bombarded with its easy to fall into the trap that there is a peado on every street corner blah blah blah. It does take me aback when people come up to you in the park like that and you must not fall into the trap the media sets as believe it or not some people or genuinely nice people with no hidden agenda. So it was onto the palm house and onto the cafe and swings and a walk around the lake to finish. It was a lovely day if not a bit on the chilly side but spring is a springing and before you know it the world cup and BBQ’s will be on the cards. Not more booze and sport !!! I took the camera to the park and here are a few snaps of the park in the spring sun.

Click on a picture above for a full size if you want a desktop of any of the above pics.


Fay x x


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