Aigburth suicide watch and Chernobyl weekend away

So its been a crazy morning in Aigburth. First up was a man in his 30’s who decided to throw himself under a 60 bus on Aigburth Road early this morning. He has survived but has numerous injuries and only half a mile away in Sefton Park a man in his 20’s decided to hang himself on the swings by the cafe. He done a better job and managed to kill himself and was found by a poor soul walking his dog. So this raises the question is Aigburth the new Bridgend ? (Notorious south Wales suicide town) As yet no further details have been released apart from the fact Arriva charged the first fella £1.80 for going less than one stop. There surely has to be better ways of committing suicide than lashing yourself under a bus causing commuter havoc or stringing yourself up on a playground. Dont think I can go to that playground again now that has happened. All this suicide talk got me onto thinking who else has committed suicide. The list is as follows.

Ian Curtis, (1980), English singer and songwritter (Joy Division), Brian Epstein, (1967), British manager of The Beatles, Tony Hancock, (1968) British comedian, Adolf Hitler, (1945), Nazi Germany’s leader,  Michael Hutchence, (1997), Australian lead singer of rock group INXS ( I thought that was a wank gone wrong ? ) Dr. David Kelly, (2003), British scientist and source of BBC story about the Dodgy Dossier, Marilyn Monroe, (1962), American actress, Vincent van Gogh, (1890), Dutch painter, Fred West, (1995), husband of convicted British killer. Killed himself whilst awaiting trial on the same crimes.

A mixed bag there indeed. One method of very slow suicide would be to visit Chernobyl. Yes that well knows 1980’s nuclear power plant that Russians denied had blown up despite a dodgy plume of radioactive fallout heading over Europe. You can actually book a trip to the site and include a cheeky weekend away in Kiev ! I am that boring I actually fancy that. Well somebody has been and taken some great photo’s and provided a little commentary on the trip. Click below for the fascinating pictures of Chernobyl.

Chernobyl pictures

So another fun filled blog with suicide and the Chernobyl disaster as topics. Roll on the weekend for some fun.


Fay x x


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