A wedding, a comeback and RIP The Bill.

So Friday evening started with a romantic burger and chips with Mrs Fay at Moranto’s on Lark Lane and mighty fine it as was well. We were a bit short on time so didint hav a drink in the lane. So we missed out on the joys of character watching in The Albert or going to The Masonic painted black. I refuse to call it by its new name. Even missed out on checking the local lesbians in Keith’s but to be fair they are normally the “Hockey goalie” type lesbians. Am I allowed to say that ? Anybody who knows me cant call me homophobic as I loved Garlands back in the day and also dont mind the odd lesbian or 4. So it was straight down to Liverpool marina for the wedding reception of Joey & Lesley Ryan (Though I better not call her Les in light of the previous sentence) Bar prices a bit steep in the Marina bar but that didnt stop me having a few scoops and Mrs Fay having a few too many scoops (I wont mention the memory loss or the loss of the ability to walk. **** Just been informed by Mrs Fay not to mention this so I have removed it *****) I have known Joey since senior school and played in numerous footy teams with him and have fond memories of a BBQ he had when his mum and dad were away in which we tied to relight the BBQ about 4 am in the morning with lighter fuel which nearly ended up in disaster. I remember falling in my mum and dads house about 8am in the morning and then switching the world athletics championship on from Tokyo and Bob Beamon’s long jump record being beaten. I had to double check was I so pissed I was hallucinating ? No indeed Mike Powell had beaten it by five cm’s. A record which still stands today so that date of that BBQ must have been 29th into 30th August 1991. Time passes so quick eh. So with Mr and Mrs Ryan happily married that meant for todays footy match against the police we dont have a goalie, so its Fay to the rescue and I will indeed be in goal for todays match against the police. For the match review of the last game against the police CLICK HERE I will post a match report tomorrow and I wonder how many I will let in ? Fave in the betting is 4 at a short 6/4 price, eeeeek !!

So the end of The Bill is nigh. I must admit I dont think I have watched an episode since the glory days of Sgt Bob Cryer and his crime fighting nose. It seems that every time I go around to my nan’s house that the Bill is on. UK gold is my nans fave channel. Since news of the Bill’s axing we have been shielding my nan from the news as not to break her heart switching the news off and giving her last weeks papers again. She thinks that Liverpool keep on losing and are only 6th in the table every time she reads the sport, hang on a mo….. She is only up to 1993 on UK gold which means she has 17 years of the Bill left to watch. Should she survive to see the end of the Bill on UK Gold she will then be 111 and I am sure by then we will be able to kid her and just put some old Bill DVD’S on if we can find one of those old dvd thingy players. With advances of technology the Bill might have been converted into hologram TV and we could all admire Bob Cryer’s nose in full holographic 3D. Anyway thats yer lot off for some pre match preparation for playing in goal which will consist of sausage on toast, a lucozade sport and the Sunday People. Wish me luck, I have a feeling I will need it.


Fay x x


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