Footy report, footy injury and bronchitis.

Ahh so were do we start with that title. Start at the beginning eh and Sunday. It was the big rematch against a police select XI and yours truly was in goal.We were down to the bare bones and has a 12 but many a star player missing due to a christening of one of our players baby. So we started off well but then 10 mins in and our left midfielder pulled a hamstring. Time to bring on out 57 year old sub, better known as Dave my father in law. So a first half that we dominated and should have been 3 or 4 goals up but we went in level and only the odd save for me to make. Second half we were kicking down the hill but against the wind. We started to struggle a bit and our lack of fitness started to tell. Soon we were two down the first a top corner finish and the second a close range header from a corner that I managed to get a hand to. I then came out of goal to give our centre half a breather and we pulled a goal back and pushing forward with 5 to go and conceded again. So a valiant 3-1 defeat in a match we should have won. So we went out for post match beers around Aigburth Vale and went The Fullwood Arms, The Blenheim Hotel and then The Little Green. Swayed back into ours about 8.30 much to the annoyance of Mrs Fay , banged some fries to go in the microwave and off to bed I went.

So not much of a hangover on Monday thanks to being in bed nice and early but full of phlegm once again so I decided I needed to get back the doctors, plus the results of my xray was in. So on Tuesday I went down to see the doctor and she told me the xray showed I have a touch of bronchitis. Or mega mega man flu as I have decided to call it. So more antibiotics and I cant drink on them, fookin hell thats a major effort needed to be made. So Tuesday night and I decided to drag myself of my sickbed and play footy. All was going well until 10 mins in and I attempted to block a shot and hung out my left foot and bang, the ball hit my foot and pop go my ankle ligaments. 36 years old and I feel on the scrap heap with my egg like ankle and coughing up phlegm like an old man every morning. I have decided to start taking my antibiotics on Friday morning so I can have one last beer and drown my sorrows on Thursday. No footy for a few weeks me thinks and need to get out on my bike, what can go wrong there ? ( Dont even joke about it !!!!! ) Anyway as I always say there is somebody else worse of than you and even though I jest about having these ailments they are nothing really (Dont tell Mrs Fay though)

Quick story from the world of the internet and I came across this car story. Underneath this amazing mirrored bodywork is a MINI Cooper S. It’s a well equipped MINI, granted, but it’s so flash that its owners can’t get insurance cover. Ian Grice, a builder from Nottingham, bought the car as a Valentine’s gift for his wife Toni. He was so dazzled by it, literally, that he happily paid the £38,000 asking price when it caught his eye in the showroom. Without options, the list price for a MINI Cooper S is £17,000 – meaning the value of the chrome paintjob could be more than the car itself. But it has caused a massive headache for the couple, because insurance companies won’t provide cover, at any cost. Temporary cover was initially provided by the London MINI dealership so it could be driven home by the happy buyers. Once back in Nottingham, however, they were left with what Ian describes as “the world’s most expensive mirror.” Oh dear, quite handy having a mirror if your a lady I suppose but as you see below, but would you really want to drive around in that ?

So thats that and time to bang a bag of peas on my ankle a cough up some phlegm to give the doctors tomorrow for more tests.


Fay x x


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