Fruit machine woes and Green P plates

Alas a nice long bank holiday weekend, the only downer being that I dont get paid for bank holidays now, but hey you cant have it all. Could be worse and still working for Ladbrokes all weekend and being addicted to fruit machines. Which leads me nicely onto story one today. A US woman who thought she had won $43m (£28m) on a slot machine has been told it was a mistake. The Fortune Valley Casino in Central City, Colorado, told Louise Chavez from Denver the machine had “malfunctioned.” It is now unlikely she will see a penny of the dream jackpot. When the lights and bells went off, Ms Chavez, who earns about $12,000 a year as a carer, thought she had hit the big time. “All of a sudden I saw the light come on on top of the machine,” Ms Chavez told ABC’s Good Morning America. “I’m like, ‘Oh, my God! Oh, my God!’ I’d never had this feeling before in my life, never.” However, gaming officials investigating the incident reckon it was probably just an unfortunate computer glitch. Ms Chavez, who was celebrating her birthday, said all she ended up with was a free room for the night, some food and the original $20 she had put into the machine. “I put my money in there,” she said. “Whatever I won, I should get. “There are dreams and there are things I’d like to do – helping my family, helping my kids. That’s why I’m disappointed. “My emotions changed from excited, thrilled, to very upset.” Now I would not be too impressed has that happened to me down my local Fred Done bookies in the 1990’s or when we would go out for a pint but spend all night on a fruit machine in The Kinsgman.  Many an hour and pound coin spent in my youth on these bastard machines. The Simpsons fruity springs to mind. They drew you in and then warped your mind and they even kidded you letting you know secret plays so you could think you could win. But now I know there is only one winner thats Mr Maygay or Mr Barcrest. If the simpsons machine had kidded me into thinking I had won a £25 repeat only for Eddie the bar manager to say he wasnt gonna pay out that would have been a night out in the Krazy house and a chip barm down the drain, although I wouldnt of said boo to Eddie !! So I am safe now in the only gamble I have is a losing one at Cheltenham or Aintree. I was the same as all those housewives who came into Ladbrokes and spent this weeks shopping money in The Crystal Maze fruity. When I eventually get my own games room (Looks like being when I am about 65 at this rate) I will buy a fruity and rob all my mates soft.

So back from a quick trip to M&S food is Speke where I am the mayor on 4square for the iphone I go there so much !! I was driving home and one lane of traffic was full and the other lane empty but needing to do a right turn not so long after the first right I wouldnt make it. But then I seen my chance, a car with a green P plate on the back. So I pulled up along side the P driver and got a second bonus it was a woman. I would well be able to edge her out get in the outside lane and make my move to turn right. Well the power of the P plate worked. She stalled at the lights and my mission was complete and all to easy. Its nice of the green P plate brigade to tell us that they have just passed but in reality its just a chance for cunts like me to spot an opening. Please leave a message if you have ever had to put these on your car .

666 words as I put the P plate sign in. Is that the gods telling me there is nothing but the devil awaiting for me. Well I wouldnt be surprised with some of the antics of my past and some of my political incorrectness. Gotta great film tonight called adventures of an ethnic minority disabled lesbian woman driver. Anyway must go and let the long bank holiday weekend begin. Wine and munchies in from M&S on a last binge before I hit my antibiotics tomorrow. I will review the film on my next blog. One last thing I got by email for you, cheers Moses, no thats his name and not me being blasphemous. God is being funny music from Rocky called “gonna fly now” (118 music)  has come on my itunes. It must be an inspirational blog. As im typing to the end to this blog I can see myself running up the steps in Philadelphia. Nearly there, last words, last steps,

Trying hard now
it’s so hard now
trying hard now

Getting strong now
won’t be long now
getting strong now

Gonna fly now
flying high now
gonna fly, fly, fly……..straight to the fridge for a large glass of rose


Fay x x


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