Easter monkeys and election time.

Bit of an easter break in blogworld. I managed to nail 2 Litres of Rose last Thursday watching the Liverpool match and thought it was strong rose when I noticed this on sky sports news.

Now I know standards in football are dropping but for a player to have a shit in the penalty area brings it to new depths never reached before . Well Damarcus Beasley did have a piss on the subs bench once ! So easter has been and gone and the Fay family are now a proud owner of enough chocolate to make a full size replica of the Empire State building. How kids are spoilt these days. I got a few easter eggs myself and am still left wondering every easter why dont they do Twix easter eggs ? So I had to watch the match on channel five in standard definition. We are on the verge of 3DTV and yet ch5 cant even get HD on the go yet !! It did provide the bonus of Pat Nevin talking at half time with Jive Bunny playing in the background. I havent heard one of their mega mixes for a long time, well since the last time I went to a 60th plus birthday. Whilst flicking on TV on Friday night I came across some high definition boobies on BBCHD. First time I have seen HD boobies and I am eagerly awaiting 3D boobies, although you could say I have married a pair of them. Yates on Allerton Road was showing the Man Utd V Chelsea match in 3D on Saturday but it was an early kick off and if I went out that early 3D would soon be replaced by double vision after 16 pints. So after an early night Saturday and around to the in laws on Sunday that left a lazy day to catch up on my sky plus on Monday. So I watched the final episode of “Life” I had recorded off BBCHD all about primates. My first thought was how do baboons get crimped hair ? (See below) also the lead baboon punished the female who dared to stray. Good old skool values there and I bet those baboons still enjoy watching Benny Hill. Next were the Tarsier monkey who look like they have been to Cream and had 10 “Gary Abletts” (See below)

Some disco saucers on that thing ! Next up was a monkey that is only sexually receptive for 24 hours. Cheap gag at the expense of Mrs Fay not taken. Finally it finished with the chimpanzees which looked straight from planet of the apes and the gorillas, how hard is a gorilla ? Still cant but help think its a man in a suit and just about to play the drums on the cadburys chocolate advert. Aghhhhh cadburys chocolate again. Cant get away from the stuff. I am trying my best together with Mrs Fay to demolish it all. Of course this is only purely in the interests oh health and safety for our kids. Dont want them turning into weebles do we ?

So back to work Tuesday and the general election was called. I actually like general elections and have watched them since 1987 staying up until the final result is through. I have a feeling its gonna be a close call this time and possibly a hung parliament. The added twist this year of the leaders debates, boundary changes and so many new MP’s to be elected. Cant beat a good old swingometer. I will try and not bog my blog down in politics but please vote on the 6th of May. If yo do you have a right to moan, if you dont then shut up. For the record I spoiled my paper last time but took the time to cast my vote.

So off to watch the footy and have another easter egg. At this rate I will end up like these hedgehogs. Fourteen hedgehogs that became too fat to protect themselves from predators are being returned to the wild. The animals were put on a strict diet in February after over-indulging on cat food at the Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fife during the recent cold snap. The creatures, which usually live off their fat reserves in the winter, had become so big they were unable to curl into a ball to hide from predators. Well I can curl into a ball still. I cant touch my toes though but have never been able to. Mind you I havent seen them since 2004, you fat bastard.


Fay x x


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