14 year olds on the piss. 1990 Old skool reunion

Ahhhhh Tuesday night and half the working week done. I managed to drag myself over the gym after work but alas the ankle is still dodgy and the world cup dream looks over. At 36 I dont think I will get another chance at a world cup so that means my last major final was the Liverpool schools under 19 cup final which we lost the final at Melwood. Im a bit depressed at not being able to play footy etc and my pants are feeling the stress as well. Enough to drive me to drink. So maybe this young boy has an injury as well. At just 13, Macaulay said he regularly drank half a bottle of vodka. After one drinking incident, he ended up in Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital. But his mother says she cannot control her son’s behaviour away from the family home. Several months after speaking to Panorama, his mother says Macaulay, now 14, is not drinking. Here is a link to a video which is from Panorama on BBC. http://news.bbc.co.uk/panorama/hi/front_page/newsid_8608000/8608102.stm Lets be positive and the fact that Macaulay now doesnt drink wine anymore after having a bad experience after necking 4 bottles “on the sly” Nothing down for this lad me thinks but fair play to his mother who says she can control him but not 24 hours a day. So errr thats you cant control him then in my book. Sometimes I do despair about the future for kids and everybody else who will have to put up with these fuckers. Its even worse when its on your doorstep. So is this any different to me necking bottle of Merrydown cider down Otterspool prom in the spring of 1990 getting down to some dance classics ? Did my parents have me under control ? Is this pot, kettle an black ? Well im here 20 years later non the worse for it and look back fondly at those times bopping to Mantronix. Was I spoilt rotten ? I dont think Macaulay will be in a similar position to me in 20 years time, just a hunch. If you can bring yourself to watch it there is more, Spoilt Rotten?, a Panorama special, BBC One, Tuesday, 13 April at 9pm.

So with that I am proud to announce a back to Otterspool prom retro night to take place down where the old bowling green was (Shed now burnt down) Its a free event and all you have to do is bring numerous bottles of Thunderbirds and Merrydown. This event is strictly over 35’s only so if your reading this Macaulay you cant come (but yer ma can ! ) We will be playing the very best of 1990’s dance on our double cassette player which has high speed dubbing. Choons on the list include “Welcome” by Gino Latino “Dirty Cash” The Adventures of Stevie V and “Fascinating Rhythm” by Bassomatic. Me personally cant wait for anything by the FPI Project ” Risky” and “Going Back To My Roots” The event will be on Friday 24th April which gives us all enough time to save our bus and dinner money up so we can buy some ale. I will get it for us as I look the oldest and have some blag ID. The event will finish at 9.30 with an after party trip to Steves chippy and enough time for us all to be in by 10 so we dont get grounded for a week. Ski suits and acid house hooded tops are optional and British Knights baseball boots are a must and for males the big flowing fanny head hairstyle will go down a treat. Ive just got myself a cracking Soul II Soul tshirt and an Africa pouch so im all ready to bust some moves. Was it really 20 years ago !!!!


Fay x x


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