A viva Espana, who need air travel ?

And so since Thursdays blog the whole of the UK air travel has been grounded by the eruption of a volcano in Iceland. Happy days if your on holiday, providing you have got some extra money left for booze and burger kings. Happy days if you work in an airport I suppose and what about Gary Lineker’s epic journey to get back to the BBC to present match of the day. From Tenerife to London in 24 hours. Thats some dedication. How many of you would have made such an effort to get back to work ? Nope I thought you wouldnt. So it seems some flight will be back on and maybe the end is in sight to the flying problems although its gonna take a few weeks to get back to normal. Im a bit gutted really as when this happened I went out and bought a whole load a shares in Amberline coaches, hoping to make a quick killing as we all went back to the 80’s and had to travel by coach to Spain. We couldve off all settled down to a mammoth trip with a few videos on the way like Rambo or Rocky and bought some warms cans of coke for a rip of price. On the way back the same dodgy crew of scousers would have their cases packed with cheap ale and ciggies and all be bright red after not putting on any suntan lotion. Space underneath the coach was limited as there were a herd of whicker donkeys being brought back and entire families were kitted out in “I love Salou” t-shirts. All together now “Oh, This year i’m off to Sunny Spain, eviva Espana, I’m taking the Amberline coach, eviva Espana. If you’d like to chat a matador, in some cool cabana, and meet senoritas by the score, Espana por favor”

Thursday also brought us the first leadership debate of the current general election. I managed to stay awake through the whole thing but there wasnt much of note going on. Couldve been worse thought and I might of had to sit through a whole episode of Glee or Britains Got Talent. So here is hoping that this Thursdays is better and after some phone calls to the Liverpool (in)Direct call centre my forms have been received so that I will get a vote after being booted off the electoral list. I did note the council were quick enough to boot me off the list for not living at my address, yet happily taking my direct debit for my council tax. So Friday came around and I gave my daughters the option of going anywhere they wanted and the choice was Speke Retail park and Calderstones Park. So whilst around”The retail” as we like to call it I decided to but the kids their first pets. Well nearly as the pet shop wouldnt sell us any fish as we have to take the tank home and have it running for a week before the fish can go in it. News to me and the kids were pretty upset but this was soon remedied by pulling out a few eater eggs in the house and the pain was soon forgotten. So this Friday we can go and buy our fish (Names to be Peppa and Poppy so far) and introduce them to their new home, namely a princess fish tank.

The weekend brought a few beers in my mates, and yes we did watch a bit of Britains Got Talent before some young bint who played the drums last year came back with his family. I said they would be shit and the judges would say you can have another go if you just drum again. I wonder what happened ? Well lets just say we switched the shite off and watched a rerun of Thursdays leadership debate. Sunday was a visit to my sisters for a sunday lunch of burger and chips. Thats just me who has burger and chips the rest of the family have a lovely roast, despite most of them trying to rob some of my chips. First week of yet another fitness regime went well. I dragged myself the gym four times, even if it was only light workouts due to my dodgy ankle and also I only had a bevvy on Thursday and Saturday, which is 2 sessions down from 4. Gonna try for just the one night this week, oh look there’s a flying pig (Only at low level due to the ash cloud)


Fay x x


4 thoughts on “A viva Espana, who need air travel ?

  1. Can we go again few more stops hey x andy siesta concorde panarama thanks for the accommodation im 37 now . Allocation on arrival lol x get back to me boss x how is john

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