Goldfish at last !!!! and big US lotto winner.

So the time has finally come and after much pressure from the kids I have allowed them to have their first pet. Gotta start where all kids start and thats some goldfish. The difference from when  I won one at Sefton Park fair in 1980 is that nowadays you go to a special pet shop (Pets at home, other pet shops are available) and you just cant buy one and lash it in a bowl. We went last Friday to buy the kids some fish but were advised that we had to buy a tank with a pump (We got a lovely princess one) and then add some stuff to the water and then wait a whole week until you put the fish in. The kids were disappointed but it was a week were the parents took advantage could bribe some good behaviour out of them on the back of owning one empty fish tank. So the week soon passed and I went to the pet shop to get a lovely LED light for the tank and then we would have to wait until the eldest finished school to buy the fish. Lots of animals in Pets at home on Speke retail including Lizards and Rabbits which all kids like, rabbits that is. It seems nowadays that lots of mummies have special rabbits which they keep in a drawer upstairs !!! Moving on quickly and it was time to get the fish. So we went straight from school and arrived at the shop inly to see a sign on all the fish that they had just arrived and wouldnt be sold until 6pm ! So it was back home with the excited kids and we went back around at 6.15. These fish were proving hard to get and I think smuggling drugs in is easier than buying fish from Pets at home. So we asked for a fish each for Charlotte and Elizabeth only to be told they can only sell us one fish. We would have to come back next week with a sample of water and then they will let us buy a second fish. Fookin ell I think next time I will offer the kids to adopt a small Malawian child like Madonna. Im sure there are less restrictions and a higher chance of getting two of them as I had to supply my name and postcode together with a signature to get this £3.99 goldfish ! So it was back home with one fish and “Poppy” is settling in well (se picture below.) Mrs Fay is gonna go around next week and blag another fish for Charlotte. I’m sure it wasnt this hard to buy a fish when I were a lad.

So another lotto winner in the states. Chris Shaw, 29, only had $28.96 left in his bank account and was facing a mountain of bills when he scooped the Powerball jackpot of 260 million dollars. He said he planned to use the winnings to pay off the $1,000 he owes a friend for a truck he recently bought, and see a dentist about getting his two missing front teeth replaced. He also wants to take his three children and his girlfriend’s two children to Disney World in Florida. “We didn’t come from money. For us it’s just going to be a huge relief to know I’m going to be able to pay my electric bill, my gas bill,” Mr Shaw said. “It’s like a weight lifted. I had bills at home – I didn’t know how they were going to be paid.” He bought the $5 ticket at the Break Time convenience store where he works in Marshall, about 80 miles east of Kansas City. The tattooed winner – who earns just $7.25 an hour – was presented with his cheque at the Missouri Lottery headquarters in Jefferson City wearing a brown and red plaid shirt, a hat and a huge grin. “That amount of money to me is like a fairy tale,” he added. “I’m just a regular guy working pay cheque to pay cheque. Well not any more.” I can see some Thunderbirds being cracked open tonight by Mr Shaw and he can pop down his local dentist as well next week. I am still not convinced that winning the lotto would bring me the utopia that some people think it brings. I wouldnt mind somebody else winning it and boxing me off though. I hope Mr Shaw copes well with his new found wealth and for now as long as ive got enough dollar for some Marks & Spencer wine and crisps each weekend, that will do me. If I fall on hard times I can throw our new fish on the George Foreman grill. The kids wont be able to tell the difference with a bit of tommy k on the side of the plate.

So another blog over and this bastard fish better live longer than a few weeks as I dont think I can go through all the red tape to buy another one legally. Enough to drive you to drugs. Anybody know a dealer, no not that type a fish dealer were I can just buy a pair and bang them in a tank.


Fay x x


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