Healthy eating award, 3DTV and Bejeweled record.

So I picked up Elizabeth from school on Friday and she said the teacher needed to speak to me. Oh dear I thought but it was top be good news. Elizabeth had won a trophy for a week. She had been awarded the healthy eater award for eating all he school dinners up and eating a healthy option. So she was presented with a certificate to keep and also hold the trophy for a week before returning it next Thursday. A proud moment for the Fay family as for those of you who dont know me I live on a diet of beans and spaghetti (Tinned not pasta) I also have a weak spot for sausage rolls and a good old burger and chips, which of course has to be plain I am such a fussy eater. I am that fussy that I eat chippy chips, oven chips and micro chips but should you cut a spud up and make chips homemade style I dont like them. I also dont touch fish , any veg or fruit. The list is endless so its nice that my kids havent picked up my terrible eating habits and that Elizabeth won an award for healthy eating. So Friday means that the kids dont eat healthy at all and are treated to a “daddy” tea. So the healthy eating champion Elizabeth Fay asked for a giant burger with a chicken dipper, smiley face and fish finger together with some chips. So as you see below the trophy she has for the week and as for the daddy’s burger she had I think that deserves a prize all of its own.

So this morning we popped around to Speke retail to buy Elizabeth a small present for being the healthy eating champion (Only after we had been to McDonalds…….only joking) and we cut through Curry’s and there she was. A Samsung 3DTV. I have been waiting for this moment for about 6 months as I have seen the TV’s reviewed on The Gadget Show and the likes and all the reviewers has said you need to see it to believe it. So me and Elizabeth sat down and donned the glasses to watch a bit of Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D. All can say is wow. I cant wait for footy to be on Sky 3D which is due to launch in August but if you want to go to a local pub and watch a match in 3D use this link to find your nearest pub. PUB FINDER There have been stories that George Lucas is going to convert the Star Wars movies into 3D versions. So I will be at the front of the queue for a nice Samsung 3DTV when they come out in a few months and will be charging just 4 cans of bud and a sausage roll for anybody who wants to come and have a nose at my 3dtv.

So last bit of the blog today is a story about a man who plays bejeweled. I was addicted to this game on my iphone before chrimbo but not to this level. Mike Leyde of Riverside, California likes the game a lot more than any normal person – he’s just achieved the absolute highest score possible. His record took over 2000 hours to achieve, during which time he amassed 4.8 million gems and reached level 439 in the game. In practical terms that’s three years of commitment on Leyde’s part. Makers Popcap games said “We deemed it impossible…and thus kept the cap at 2,147,482,575 knowing we were safe.” Not safe enough I see. Well thats enough for today and i’m off to play some Bejewled and I will see you in 2013 when I am the new record holder.


Fay x x


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