Police lose, RIP Peppa and Sky News madness

So I made it to 4.30 am on election night and took the wise decision not to stay up as it was clearly a hung parliament. No point in staying up to see the next prime minister and 5 night later I would of still been awake. So the great democracy we live in we could end up with yet another prime minister that we didnt vote for. Now I know you dont vote for a prime minister blah de blah but many people think of it that way. Must be a very stressful time for Nick Clegg deciding who’s bitch he is going to be and looks like its a stressful time on Sky News as the next two clips show. Clip one is Sky News political editor Adam Boulton going for it against Labour’s Alistair Campell. Boulton also lost his rag later on that evening with another Labour person Ben Bradshaw. Boulton really showing his colours there me thinks.

Next is another Sky News clip this time of Kay Burley interviewing a protestor. If I was the protestor I would of told Burley where to go live on air. Go home and watch that on sky news you cow.

So there you go Sky News gagging for the tories to get in. So I went the gym straight from work yesterday ( A good 90 mins cardio) and then straight to the pictures to lose my 3D virginity (Just an excuse for a hot dog.) Clash of the Titans was the film and I must say I was very impressed with the 3D (Looking forward to 3D porn !!! )  Its come on leaps and bounds since the Tomorrows World efforts in the mid 80’s with your blue and red paper glasses and somebody just puffing smoke on the screen at you. The film itself wasnt too good but before it showed a sneak preview of Toy Story 3D which looks great. So I came out from the pictures and alas we had a Tory PM after Nick Clegg decided to take it up the arse from Cameron. The ConDem nation as its being called. Oh well expect lots of job losses on the way but every cloud has a silver lining and more people will claim housing and council tax benefit which means more work for me but Mrs Fays job in the public sector might be under threat. As somebody pointed out it was quite ironic that when I stayed up very late to watch the election that when the shit happens I missed it all. Anyway I reckon there will be an election within 18 months when poor old Cleggy’s bum is too sore to take anymore Tory shafting.

Some sad new to report and the loss of a family member. Peppa the fish died yesterday after a short illness and only a few weeks in our care. Poppy is fine and Charlotte has been told her fish has gone to gan gans (Grandads) school to get better. In other words we have been the pet shop today to sneak a new Peppa into the tank. Amazing how shes grown in 2 days and is not as gold. Hope this one lasts longer. We went to a per shop on Aigburth Road as the gestapo at Pets At Home asked for too many forms and water samples etc to be completed just to buy a bloody gold fish. So a quick recap of the weekends events and Saturday was a small part for a friends lad’s communion or whatever god calls it. His house backs onto the Calderstones school playing fields which I spent many an hour having P.E lessons on. Sunday brought our 4th game against the police and after 3 defeats we finally got a win. The final score was 4-1 after the police taking a 1-0 lead in the second half courtesy of a holwer by our goalie (Sorry Joey) Joey did redeem himself with some fine saves later on as we marched to victory. I played the full 90 mins and was feeling a tad creaky come Monday morning but no pain no gain. We expect the Police to bring out the big guns for a rematch. Off to see Richard Herring tonight at Baby Blue so will blog a review tomorrow.

Quick caption competition, post yours please. Winer gets a jumbo sausage roll.


Fay x x


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