Richard Herring review and a toilet trip.

So Wednesday evening and a rare date out with Mrs Fay to watch the comedian Richard Herring per form at Baby Blue in The Albert Dock. Had a lovely gourmet burger before hand and a few pints to get me in the mood. It was just on 10pm by the time Mr Herring came on stage and because of that there wasnt the usual interval that he has mid show. This was the last time he would perform his “Hitler Moustache”  (HM) show. The basis of the show is that he is trying to reclaim the toothbrush moustache back for comedy. Hitler had stole it from Charlie Chaplin. So Richard Herring grew a hitler moustache and he includes tales of what happened to him when he had the moustache. Herring is close to the knuckle at times but I like my comedy raw. There had been a gap between his last performance of HM to his last in Liverpool. This showed in his performance but he admitted to his cock ups and didnt take anything away from the performance. He had decided to not make the Madeline McCann joke in his set for not wanting to offend anybody and he wasnt there to cause controversy  and get some publicity although did let slip a Liverpool child killers line which is just as controversial but stuff like that doesnt offend me as they are throwaway lines and not delivered with any malice. (Might be a different story if your directly involved with the events but if that is the case im sure a throwaway line by a comedian is the least of your worries.) So as mentioned this was the last performance of the show so you cant go and see it but it will be out on DVD later in the year, or you can catch his new show “Christ on a bike.”  So a good night all around and limited myself to just the six drinks, ha ha ha.

So on our way home and I was caught short by the six drinks I had consumed. Only one option, to go in the car park toilets in Liverpool One. I prepared myself for the stench and the possibility of meeting a smack head if the experience in Mount Pleasant car park is anything to go by. I hadnt been for a burst all night so it was gonna be 6 pints worth of lager on the way out making it a long thing, thats the wee not the instrument it was going to come out of ! I held my breath and in I went. Wow, for a moment I thought I had died and gone to toilet heaven. The place was gleaming with white urinals and posh basins to wash your hands in. The hand dryer was even made by Dyson. This cant be a bog in a car park in Liverpool city centre I thought. I lapped up the fresh air and washed my hands in comfort and on my way out thought what a wasted trip, this toilet was deserving of a large poo. Oh well maybe next time. On the mingebag point of view I now have these toilets for future reference as the proper toilets in Liverpool 1 charge you twenty pence and just 100 meters away you can go free in the car park. I make that after 13 visits @ 20p thats enough to save enough to save to buy an extra pint to piss away in my new found toilet heaven.


Fay x x


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