Glastonbury 2010 review. Happy 40th birthday.

So its all over and waking up at 4am to take the tent down under a strange heavy Glastonbury mist we headed down for the last hike to the car and bid farewell to Glasto 2010. The car was loaded and away we went. 5.15 am and the anticipated wait to get out of the car park even at that early hour never happened. So soon we were on the M5 and heading north. After a quick break for me to take over the last driving duties we arrived back in Liverpool for 10am after a quick stop at Sayers to refuel. And that was that. It seemed like an age since we have left and from the casual drunken stroll around the site on Thursday evening I had travelled musically from Rolf Harris on Friday morning to a thrilling climax by The Orbital on the way taking in some great performances to some moments that will be remembered for ever. We covered most of the site and that is no mean feat. The size of Glastonbury is amazing and my feet are still recovering even if my trainers are not after I decorated them with a luminous spray for Sunday. The picture below captures the size of the site and has bits not on the photo. (Click on any pics for a larger image)

So away from the main stages and wonderful little corners of Glastonbury. From the dance village with its own rainbow coloured cube henge over to the more strange Shangri-La, Arcadia, Block 9 and the unfair ground. I was even reminded of Kirkby (See pic below) in the form of a high rise block of flats which when yo went inside was a bar/club. There was a cooling booth which was just a plastic booth with air conditioning blowing down. The noises of ecstasy as people stood inside to get some relief from the intense heat. There were numerous bars of different styles and numerous mini clubs and small disco’s including a silent disco were you put earphones on. The food stalls were of such a mix and you could actually eat healthily but for those of you who know me, yes I did live on a diet of junk food. At one point I went to a pasty shop and got a sausage roll for £2.00 she went to charge me £3.50 a pasty price and I was about to hand over some extra money when the lady said “You wouldnt pay that much would you ?” I bit my lip and smiled instead of saying ” £2.00 is too much you robbing bastard” So it was £4.00 for a cider and £3.70 for a beer and if you had any spare money there were over 100 different shops/stalls selling anything and everything.

There were some strange sights wandering around the site and a couple I can recall are a man in a full uncle Fester outfit complete with bald head and dodgy make up on pushing an old style pram with a baby in which was crying and as we walked past him the baby was moving. After a double take we got onto the fact the baby was fake but for a moment………….. Then there was the sight of a full scale plane crash with blood stained women with ripped clothes clambering in slow motion for survival. (See pic below) Them to were disturbing to the slightly drunken but for anybody partaking in chemicals these would have raised a few issues to them. Then there were the more fun moments and once again a couple I can recall were the lads crowd surfing in a paddling pool during Faithless and the glowstick shower that took place during the Orbital. There were of course the nice people you meet from the lads from Darlo (Darlington) who were next to our tent, onto Irish Jackie we met after Imelda May and the random Scottish bloke we met at The Pet Shop Boys the atmosphere was one of fun. The three of us who went had our moments together and often wandered off on our own to have our own moments of magic.

So thats just about the review see other blogs for daily reviews from Thursday (day 1) to Sunday (day 4) It was so much better than I thought and I was expecting a lot. The weather was like being on holiday and you knew you were just getting up to hot sun, even if it did sweat you out of the tent but that was soon cured by a 9am can of Magners. If it had rained and it only needs a bit for the yellow parched dust site would become a small mud bath (never mind some of the crazy rain they have had in the past) which would mean no lazy siting/laying down and a shitty muddy tent etc. So would I go again ? At the moment I think I wont but for purely good reasons who can it ever be bettered ? It was my Glasto virginity being lost, it was sun, sun, sun. I might be gagging to go in another 6 months. So it was happy Glasto for me and happy 40th birthday for Glastonbury. I hope Mrs Fay and long time friend of our Helen had the same fun as I did. it was a pleasure going with you both x x

Highlights: Bootleg Beatles, Imelda May, Faithless, The Orbital and The Pet Shop Boys.

Low lights: Helens heavy bag we lumped from the car so heavy that a paratrooper offered to help but couldnt get it on his back !! and deciding to watch the England match instead of Slash/Ray Davies and Dr John.


Glasto Day 4

So the final day at Glasto and the now traditional 7.30 am wake up call by the sun sweating me out of my tent, after braving the long drop toilets by our tent (now in a day 4 condition !! ) It was a small hike back to the car to load up most of the stuff for a planned 4.00am leaving early Monday morning. It was then onto breakfast from one of the many stalls and we settled down for some chilled Norah Jones in the belting sun. Its that sunny now that you are relieved when a small cloud comes across and gives you a rest for the intense heat. The site it now turning yellow and dusty, makes it so much better than the planned mud I had envisaged. So next up as the decision between Slash, Dr John or the footy. Well I chose the wrong one and went to the footy. The footy was by our tent and was that busy the field was cut off so despite attempts to blag in I had to go the less known long way around to get in. So wasnt really worth seeing the footy was it ? So with lots of people leaving early our “lovely” !! long drops bogs had become the main toilets for the footy and had massive queues. With at least a 10 min wait there and it taking a similar time to leave the footy field due to congestion there was only one option to go in a bottle in the tent !!! I can vouch that I didnt spill a drop on Mrs Fays blow up bed which was situated in the middle of the tent. So with the letdown of the footy, I was more pissed off I had missed decent acts (Ray Davies one of them) rather than being out of the world cup so I decided to cheer myself up and grabbed 4 cans of Magners and went for a rave. I ended up in the west dance tent and come across South Central which consisted of a DJ and a man on a keyboard going all electro and experimental. So I wandered through the rest of the dance village and then headed up to the more hippy zone of the site. Here I found myself at an outdoor mobile disco with the hosts just sporting dodgy underpants (Video below)

So moving on from the disco I headed up to the acoustic tent where I came across a droid on the loose. He was singing to songs and then doing actions. His eyes were raining on people to “I can see clearly now when the rain has come” and when “Grandad” came on he was pointing to an old man. I left before he got me (Video below)

So I made it to the acoustic tent just and caught the last few songs from “The Blues Band” with Paul Jones playing some amazing harmonica. I Didnt know these were playing otherwise I would have watched the whole set but then again I would have been robbed of my mobile disco, droid and other post football experiences. So I went down to the pyramid stage to meet the girls and watch Faithless do their full set and we had a decent speck near the front and Faithless didnt let the crowd done. So another amble around the site and Stevie Wonder came on. I only lasted one song and made the semi drunken decision to go and see orbital on the other stage. So I raced around as quick as I could but Stevie was very popular indeed and it took a bit of time to get out. So The Orbital didnt disappoint. It was glow stick heaven and the song “Chime” brought about my last Glasto wonder moment. I left before the end of the set as the dancing to The Orbital had robbed me of my last ounce of energy. I had my traditional burger for supper on the way home and was asleep before the girls had made it back from Stevie Wonder. Glasto 2010 a truly magical experience and I will do a full review blog tomorrow. i leave you with a picture from the last act I watched The Orbital.


Fay x x

Glasto Day 3

So day three at Glastonbury. It’s impossible to sleep past 7:30 am due to the cracking weather down here. A scary start to the day was that I was very thirsty so to cure that thirst I had a can of Magners !! So out to the stages we went and first up was Tinchy Stryder. Not my cup of tea and he played his new single. Think I will give that one a miss thanks Tinchy ! The Lightning seeds were next up and we made the decision to go up to the acoustic tent and get some shade. Seems like everybody else had the same idea. Back to the pyramid stage to see my old fave Seasick Steve. We then went our own separate ways. I headed off to the cabaret tent to see Jeremy Hardy do a 30 min stand up. I then wandered around the site very slowly and a bit drunkenly and ended up at the stone circle (see below) It was high up and held a belter view of the whole site. So 7:30 and time for Dublins finest Imelda May. A great performance topped off by a cover of “tainted love” So the last push of the day and down to the other stage to see The Pet Shop boys. The best performance I have seen from the boys and I am fully out of my Pet Shop Boys closet. oh well day 4 and the last push. The plan is to leave the site at 4:30am to miss the rush and soon it will be own bed own shower and own throne as the long drop toilets are losing their sex appeal.


Fay x x

Glasto Day 2

So the first day of Glastonbury proper and there was only one way to start. 11am, pyramid stage and Rolf Harris kicks off with “tie me kangaroo down” Hard to believe that he is 80. Next up was The Stanglers and I knew more songs that I thought. After a bit of The Courteeners it was back around to the Pyramid stage for an afternoon session of Willie Nelson. It was back the tent then for a little siesta and catch up on some sleep. Not the best sleeping conditions going from cold to roasting hot once the sun rises, but better than the rain. I went to see Roger Sanchez in the dance tent but he was delayed due to illness !!! Mcintosh/Ross was first up in the evening and I caught Dizee Rascal duet with Florence.
The toilets are getting no better and the whiff of shit and piss wafts over you now and again. Last up we went scouse style and chose The Bootleg Beatles and had a jolly good singalong. A wander back through some of the little villages and it was time for bed. The Glasto experience is very good and the lack of sleep and medieval toilet conditions must be overcome.

So onto day three and more booze, bands and burgers. Cya Sunday.


Fay x x

Glasto Day 1

So all loaded up and off to Glasto we headed. The journey itself wasn’t too bad apart from the sat nav trying to take us through Bristol city centre. So we parked up and then it was the small matter of getting the gear to our camping speck. Judging by the size of Helens bag she has decided to move house. It soon became apparent that we would have to leave somebody with some stuff and come back. the wise choice was to leave Helens bag so we did. Some kind paratrooper tried to help Claire with Helens bag. He went to put it on his shoulders but soon realised that it was a task that even Geoff Capes would not do. I was quite proud I had dragged it for 10 mins. After what seems like ages in the baking heat we were all set up and it was time for a cider.

We headed into the main site and wondered around the stages which will be so busy come later today. The site is massive and we ended up in a bohemian style part of the site. Before we knew it all three of us were doing some country dancing in a large circle of people. Booze not too pricey £3.70 a pint. Sausage and chips was a fiver though !! So still haven’t been for a poo and the toilets have to be seen to be believed. I dred to think what they will be like by Sunday night. It will be a pleasure to go on my own throne. Up far too early for my liking and onto day two we go. let’s see what bands I end up and going to see today. It’s gonna be a long day. Rolf Harris at 11 it is then.



Pre Glasto blog an Panini stickers

So its here at last and we head off to Glastonbury Thursday morning. Only after I do a cheeky 7-10 in work, speaking of which my contract has been extended until the end of July so thats good news. So being the director of Faymondo Benefits Limited I decided to make it a double celebration and give all my staff time off to watch the England match at 3pm. So OK im the only person employed by Faymondo Benefits Limited but it was a nice gesture none the less. So with Mrs Fay and Helen who are coming to Glasto with me having kittens on what to pack it took me about 15 mins at half time in the match to sort out what to take. 4 pairs of shorts, 5 t-shirts, underwear, socks and some smellies. Job done. Have to make sure I dont forget my crate of cider as well. So the weather gods look like shining upon us at Glasto. Although after the recent emergency budget I was expecting a tax on sunshine (How can Clegg and any other Lib Dem sit throught this ?? )  The rough Glasto plan is as follows

Friday: Roger Sanchez (dance tent) Mcintosh Ross and Groove Armarda ( Cider and junk food)

Saturday : Seasick Steve, Imelda May, Pet Shop Boys and Lightning Seeds ( Cider and junk food)

Sunday: Norah Jones, Slash, Dr John and Faithless and either Stevie Wonder or The Orbital. (Cider and junk food)

Will catch lots more as well but thats the rough plan of action. I wonder if the match will be on Sunday ? Last plan of action will be to watch it on TV catchup on my iphone. Aiming to do a short blog each morning from Glasto so keep an eye out for them. So 4 days on the ale, eating shite food, not having a proper wash and full of hay fever, sounds like a normal week to me then.

So England made it through in the world cup and the flags and sales of booze and BBQ’s will keep on until at least Sunday. I hope we are still in it by the time I am back from Glasto as I havent been to a pub yet to watch the match. Back to the world cup theme and me and Elizabeth are collecting the official world cup stickers by Panini. Ok so its most probably more me wanting to collect them. I can tell that by the number of times I have moaned at Elizabeth for not putting a sticker in straight. She was however very excited at getting the shiny foil Portugal badge. I admit I am gonna cheat and buy a box of 100 packs of ebay and drip feed them to Elizabeth. Football 1981 was the first stickers I collected and it was just 5p per pack compared to 50p a pack now. My dad must of had a touch on the horses (or he was pissed) one day because he gave me a pound note to get 20 packs. To me that was a child winning the lottery. So if anybody has any swaps let us know as we have just got our first swap An Yong-Hak of North Korea or should that be The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. So until im ive got a hangover on a field and sweating my little bollocks of in a tent with two ladies, so Ok ones my wife and the other a mates ex. I will see you live at Glasto.


Fay x x

Glasto wellies, world cup woe and fathers day.

So the England hangover is over, thats my personal one not the team itself. Friday started with a quick visit to town shopping. I was on the hunt for some cheap stuff for next weeks trip to Glastonbury. I finally got myself a cheap hat and sunglasses and a watch for £1. Some shorts and a tshirt later and it was job done. Next on the pre Glasto warm up was a dummy run on setting the tent up. So me and Helen who is coming with Mrs Fay as well went into our garden and much to my surprise with helen helping the erection went up quick. The tent took about 30 mins to put up as well. So no worries there. Just need to decide where to camp in Glasto now. I am leaving that to the girls to decide and thn if it goes tits up I can claim the male morale high ground of “If you had let me decide …………” Next decision is what ale to take. I have decided that the ale that I can drink warm the best is cider. I was just going to buy some bog standard wellies but the first shop I went into on Friday was Next. They had some wellies in and not being a fan of shopping I decided to buy some there and then. They are nice and light and should do the trick when I go to see Roger Sanchez play on Thursday afternoon. Previous trips to Creamfields have been in trainers so it will be a first raving in a pair of wellies. On reflection my wellies might be a bit yobbish but fuck it, im reclaiming the union jack for me.

So with all the Glasto shopping done it was time to go pop quickly into Sudley Infants summer fair were Mrs Fay was on a stall once again. I think the parents association made a loss on the chrimbo fair after Mrs Fay was placed on the hot dog stall last time. I did limit myself to just the 12 at the time (and 10 to bring home.) So she had been demoted this time to name the teddy and name the footballer. She was next to the helium balloon’s but again after somebody clocked my union jack raving wellies they decided I shouldnt be left near any gasses that can be inhaled or any other legal highs. I had to throw all my meow meow out a few months back even thought it didnt actually kill them kids at the time and thanks to a media frenzy it was banned. You can still however buy a dog that will rip a kid to death. So the summer fair was a more chilled event than the chrimbo fair and held outside due to the nice weather. If truth be known I only went to go on the tombola where at chrimbo there was a decent chance of winning a prize and it was all booze as well. So with no hotdogs or booze won the summer fair was a let down. I did however come home with a footy whistle, two bouncy balls and cake made by a 5 year old. There were lots of kids playing footy in the school yard and one child was playing and his grandad  was in goal, he held some great saves and as I passed I said ” You wanna replace Robert Green tonight’ He smiled but his wife told me off saying I was cruel !!! Luckily it wasnt on saturday as I wouldve said your missus can play instead of all 11 of the shower of shite that played against Algeria.

So with parental duties done it was time to go out and watch the match and not much more needs to be said. Thank god we had a decent game of poker lined up afterwards and I was doing well until I tried possibly one of the most piss poor bluffs in the history of poker and I was out first. So with the football soon forgotten and we settled down to watch the end of the golf it was post 4am when we got a cab home. I have hazy memories of my mate being unable to stand up and woke up with a rare hangover on Saturday ( I normally get drunk but not very drunk) It was a hangover that a few sausage rolls and a bottle of cherry coke would quickly sort out.

So the last day of the weekend and Sunday was fathers day. I got some nice presents from my girls and then I went to pick my own dad up. I bought him his traditional fathers day Liverpool top and the kids got the traditional fathers day lynx, chocolate buttons and some liquorice allsorts. So we spent some time at my sisters and then went onto the father in laws for a quick BBQ and a few beers. Back now to settle down for a few more beers and watch some footy and golf before a lovely fathers day has ended. The calm before the storm that will be Glastonbury and it will then be straight to rehab and im sweating on my next contract in work and might even be on the dole then I can drink every day !!


Fay x x

David Lloyd Speke, im proud to be scouse.

So I havent been the gym this week as im awaiting the outcome of my visit to the doctors tomorrow evening over my knee. But whilst I was away in Benllech for the England game David Lloyd gym had a world cup night. They even had an England/Liverpool legend in Kirkby’s finest none other than Phil Thompson. So I can imagine the club room being packed with families all ready for the big match and judging by the cars I see in the car park its either a gym full of the more well off element of Liverpool or drug dealers and gangsters. In a coup for David Lloyd gym sky sports news were broadcasting from the event getting “Thommo’s” views on the match. Did I miss out on a good night justifying my expensive members fee’s (Im still the same weight as when I joined !!! ) Well luckily for me somebody has been kind enough to post a bit of post match footage on youtube. See it below.

Well timed at 22 seconds me thinks. What a great night we have had. Good job he didnt say its been a typical night out in Speke in true scouse style. I wonder what they are doing for the second match on Friday. On that form it will be John Conteh as a special guest and a blow up UFC ring in the middle of the club room. Ive just about got over the 2 nights boozy camping trip to Benllech so god help me at Glastonbury which is coming around very quickly. Gonna do a dummy run on the tent this weekend so that will be fun. So ive managed to catch most of the world cup and im still waiting for it to spring into life. Me and Elizabeth updated our wall chart today and ive even got a vuvuzela for the iphone. Stop moaning about the noise, its what they do in Africa watching footy. In 20 years the noise of the vuvuzela will bring back nostalgic memories of world cup 2010. If we get the world cup will people be moaning when we have the band playing the great escape for the full match or England fans booing opponents national anthems or on goal kicks going “whhhhoooooooooooaaaaa your shit aghhhhhhh” ? Im winning one of the world cup prediction competitions im in so far but theres still a long way to go. Thankfully I havent watched big brother apart from the opening evening so no more updates on how that gang of fuckers are going on. Just a short blog because post Benllech ive basically done fook all but the footy this weekend and Glasto next week will be good blog material. So im just off over the gym now for a session. Ive warmed up with a quick 6 pints and I have my boxing gloves, just waiting for the TV cameras to come.


Fay x x

A cultural review of Benllech.

So after February’s cultural review of Riga this next trip was a camping trip to Benllech in Anglesey with the same group of lads minus and plus one or two that I went to Riga with. So I was picked up at around 3.30 pm and it took around 2 hours to get to Benllech and we arrived at the Golden Sunset camp site and the first beer of the weekend was cracked open and a curry was on the go but with my acquired food habits I decided to have an extra beer for tea. Soon it was off to the local boozer The Benllech Arms to watch the first of many footy matches over the weekend and a few games of killer which I wasnt very good at. Gonna take my velcro dart board next year. At just over £40 a round I think the landlady was happy with what we were putting over and we eventually headed back to the camp site but only after two smack heads had been filled in by some locals. One of them was in a bad way and it was time to leave the boozer before a gang of 14 drunken scousers were framed by the welsh version of inspector Morse. So it was a few more beers at the camp site in our base which was two gazebo’s put together. It was a chilly night and soon it was time to head of to the tent as this big session on the ale was to be followed by an even bigger one on the Saturday.

So after a breezy night, in more way than one with the amount of male induced wind in our tent,we didnt blow away and it was a lovely morning and the camp site had a cracking view of Benllech Bay. I was up too early for my liking with the chance of a lie in with new kids passed up it was about 8am. So I trundled off to the local garage to refuel on some diet coke. Breakfast was cooked by the chef’s of the party and very good they were as well and after a sausage barm it was time for a beer and a game of boules which me and my partner Alan won 11-3 (nice fiver won there) So it was back to The Benllech arms to watch some rugby at 11.30 am in the morning and prepare ourselves for the three world cup footy games which were on the day. The pub had cleaned up the blood from where the smackhead had been filled in and we were told he was in a critical condition the poor sod. Luckily for us the police knew who it was and the envisaged blockade of the island to stop up leaving was never set up. In the distance my eyes were caught by a flash of pink. On turning around it was then I noticed a lad dressed in what I can only call shocking cycling gear. One of the lads asked him “was he the only gay in the village?” but I dont think he was to impressed. I managed to get a photo of him by persuading my boules partner Alan to pose for a picture. That will be the first and last time I ever take a picture of a male in pink lycra, unless its myself of course ;0) Its most probably wise not to mention the game of “Roulette” which took place during this part of the drinking session.

One of the locals told us of a pub up the road which would be good to watch the match in so we headed up to The Gwesty Plas Ganrafron. It had a massive TV and we watched the 2nd game of the day there. The tactical chip barm at The Jolly Fryer was doing the trick. So it was a quick visit back to base camp for a BBQ and more beers. Me and Alan played the boule legend that is Bob and after going 3-1 down we found Bob’s weak point playing up the hill and we stormed back to win 11-3 and another fiver in the pocket. Whilst having the BBQ Mark revealed his magic flip flops. They were indeed flip flops with a bottle opener built in underneath. Quite handy indeed unless as somebody pointed out you had stood in some dog shit.

So into the pub for the England game and we got all the fans in the mood by getting the pub to join in with our footy songs. Still cant believe the goal we let in and we even had a conga planned should England score again but you guessed it they let us down, not for the first time eh. So we headed back down to the Benllech Arms but had a quick game of supermarket sweep on the way down. A few more games of killer pool and the kitty had run out. A couple of ciders later (I like a cider after about 14 pints) and it was time to head back to the camp site for a last few beers. The day was catching up with me and I headed to the tent but in one last act of defiance 4 lads went back in for a last beer and I hopped back into the beer gazebo’s with my sleeping bag on looking like one of those glow worm toys babies hve. Peter then delivered a magical music quiz whilst improving his ipod skills at the same time and I was pipped at the post for the win. Some of the songs were pretty old and poor old Craig who is in his early 20’s and ended up last and was even beaten by my father in law who had fell asleep after about 5 mins of the quiz as he so eloquently put it “Im even getting beat by a man who’s asleep” So I hopped back into the tent and was up early again. (Its a bit worrying for Glastonbury that I was waking up early in the tent) Another great breakfast cooked and it was time to pack up and head back to Liverpool. So a few beers tonight to ween myself of the grog. Whilst at the shop buying my booze I had two Benllech flashbacks. Firstly somebody had been filled in outside the Dealers Arms in Garston and then in Moss Street where I parked there were a pair of trainers hanging over a phone line. this I was told on the way home in the car is a sign that there is drug dealer in the vicinity. Urban myth ?? So thats that and I leave you with the anthem of the trip “Wet dreams” by Max Romeo. Thanks again to the group of teachers I gegg in with for the trip (the name of the school is withheld to protect the guilty) and after Gdansk 2008 Belfast 2009, Benllech 2009, Riga 2010 and Benllech 2010 I look forward to Feb 2011 for the next adventure.


Fay x x

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