A taste of summer and other ramblings.

So normal weather returns, it was nice having some sun although it just makes me want to have BBQ’s and drink lots of cider. So a weekend of doing nowt really but camping next weekend in Anglesey and then Glastonbury so a fun filled June along with the world cup. So I received my world cup excel spreadsheet and I have England making it to the semi finals !!! We couldnt have a BBQ this weekend because of Elizabeth’s ballet commitments. The traditional paddling pool was out in her friends and I had hazy memories come back of classic water fights of days gone by. It was just one half of Aigburth Vale versus the other back in the early 80’s. With social networking these days water fights are bigger things. Three people were arrested when a water fight in Hyde Park involving some 1,500 people spilled out on to Oxford Street. Police closed the busy central London shopping street to traffic on Friday evening to deal with the incident. One person needed hospital treatment for a facial injury sustained at the event, which is thought to have been organised on a social networking site. One male was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and two for public order offences, police said. Still waiting for news of the Norris Green vs Croxteth water fight on Granada reports on Monday night, that should be fun. I remember a few years back this lad lamping a girl because she got him with red water (see below.)  Im nearing 37 now so the only water fight I have these days is after 10 pints of lager and the fight to get my piss in the toilet and miss the seat.

So this Saturday evening I remembered to feed my nan (See previous blog) so a trip to Steve’s chippy it was and it was rude not to get myself something. Managed to get the gym Saturday and Sunday. I done the best for a few years with 1 hours 45 mins cardio on Sunday. Shame im sitting here with a bottle of Bud and a biscuit boost. Started to get some clicking in my right knee. So far its painless but one to keep an eye on as I have had a cartilage injury in my left knee that needed an operation. Think I might pop down the doctors and get it checked out as I dont want it to get any worse as no sick pay these days. I have made a few bob with a shrewd investment last week in some Cumbrian flower shops which have come up trumps this week. (doesnt take long does it ?)  So still drooling over my new ipad there could be an announcement of the next iphone tomorrow. I will be glued to the various sites reporting live from the Apple worldwide developers conference. Im not that nerdy that I go to these events but it cant be far away. So thats your lot with some breaking news that Elizabeth is about to lose her first tooth and I have been having to wobble the tooth whilst writing this blog. So expect a tooth fairy blog soon.


Fay x x


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