Bonus Big Brother 11 blog.

So it was many years ago and Big Brother came on our screens, nothing like it had been seen before. Was it that long a ago ? I was just a young man who thought I knew everything. 11 years later and how wrong could I be. I think i know it all now but dont. So being an ex BB fan (Havent watched it for a good few years) I decided to settle down with some cider (I know a school night) and watch the final BB (I bet its back next year on a different channel) So Davina screaming as ever, did she scream back in the day or was it the fact that I had not yet turned in Victor Meldrew that it didnt bother me. I like the twist that the final contestants didnt know they had been picked but a bit unsure on the fairground theme but we will see how it goes. Well hopefully I wont as I wont watch past tonight and this blog, but I might regress back to being 25 and get into it. I did notice that Davina did have a nose like Davina Macaw as she walked around the house (im such a bitch) So here are my first impressions of the 2011 housemates as they come in (nicked from my twitter feed @faymondo73.)

Josie : Too much screaming and does your bum look big in that dress ?

Steve: I was thinking how many disabled people in this shortlist, then Steve gets picked. If he pissed me off i’d rob his legs.

Ben: Ahh the Tories are in power and David Cameron’s secret clone army reveals its face.

Rachael: Beyonce my arse. I’m no Trinny & Susannah but blue shoes and a pink dress ?

Nathan: Oh why not the Mr T fella (see below) they panned before Nathan got picked. Tomorrow I will be mainly growing a monobrow.

Dave: Is that fancy dress or is he a monk. I know he’s a twat.

Caiomhe: Back to the 80’s style, nice accent and bi-curious always gets my vote.

Govan: Big cock eh, I go to bed and play boggle on the ipad with Mrs Fay, then again if I had a big……………….

Shabby: He or she ? I can see this one having a fight or two. Just needs a clown outfit to match.

Ife: Race card straight away thats Nick Griffins vote gone and a dancer eh. Dance right back up the stairs please and no singing.

John James : The ashes are ours and Neighbours is poo now. If you call yourself JJ you are a cunt. If he looks like Beckham then I am a true Robbie Williams double. Mind you I am fat and cant sing.

Sunshine: I like my doctors to be called Clive. Tomorrow I am going to call myself slightly overcast with the odd sunny spell.

Corin: Ha ha shop assistant in the bimbo Tesco’s. Id rather shag my nan

Tombola man Mario: Here comes the twist, every year there was rumours of a mole and now we have one. I typed that and then Davina said it !!!

Oh christ im getting into this and even predicting what Davina says !!!

What odds the mole to win ?? Thats enough for one night. No Mr T, booooooooo

And to think I was having it large with a Ex BB housemate in Ibiza last September, the circles I mix in eh !! Oh yeah he played in our darts tournament as well, ha ha ha.


Fay x x


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