World cup and divorce.

So the weekend is here, well it is for me. Fresh from last nights big brother extravaganza See Previous Blog its time to blog before I head of to Anglesey for a camping trip with about 20 other caveman like men for a booze and sport filled weekend. Most of which are the same gang I went to Riga with back in February (Riga blog) So all being well and I am in any fit state I will blog the first of two camping trips on Sunday night. The next camping trip is Glastonbury and as mentioned before I hope with the wonders of modern technology to blog each day. So the world cup is upon us and the flags are hanging from windows and stuck out of the sides of cars (I officially put my car flags up tomorrow) which means the country prepares for yet another hard luck story from England. I actually have them reaching the semi finals. My wallchart is ready and me and Elizabeth are looking forward to filling it in. I am at least homeworking until the end of the month so I will be able to catch most of the group stages of this football festival. I am even tempted to start collecting the world cup stickers in a vain attempt to go back to my childhood. Below are some links to previous albums from World cups.

Mexico 1986 Italia 1990 USA 1994 Well worth a look at the dodgy haircuts etc. This next pic was lifted from a school friends facebook. Dont make those eastern european football teams like they used to. Get on the fella bottom left.

So I had to pull out of Thursday footy as my knee is bad and I cant risk a serious injury with all the drinking and camping I have planned. Not to mention the fact that I am self employed now. If I do need another operation it wont be a council two weeks off sitting on my arse playing consoles and luxury M&S lunch’s. Just want Thursday to come around now and see what the doctor has to say. No doubt be referred to Broadgreen and have a traditional NHS wait. Sods law really as I had been doing well at the gym and back playing footy twice a week. Just have to face the fact that I am not a 13 stone 20 year old anymore and never will be. If my knee is really bad I can go on benefits and claim about £150 a week. Happy days.

As mentioned on previous blogs me and Mrs Fay have been having intimate bedroom sessions of boggle on the ipad. Well I have gone the full hit this time and Mrs Fay is in the kids room and I am now going out with my ipad. It was love at first site and we were made for each other. Hopefully gonna get married in the Apple shop next weekend and the ipad is already expecting to give birth to a baby iphone 4 on June 24th. To be fair Mrs Fay will most probably want to kill me at some point during the world cup with all this footy that is on. Got a spare HD box in the conservatory now so that should keep her sweet, together with some strategically bought flowers and Wispa’s.


Fay x x


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