A cultural review of Benllech.

So after February’s cultural review of Riga this next trip was a camping trip to Benllech in Anglesey with the same group of lads minus and plus one or two that I went to Riga with. So I was picked up at around 3.30 pm and it took around 2 hours to get to Benllech and we arrived at the Golden Sunset camp site and the first beer of the weekend was cracked open and a curry was on the go but with my acquired food habits I decided to have an extra beer for tea. Soon it was off to the local boozer The Benllech Arms to watch the first of many footy matches over the weekend and a few games of killer which I wasnt very good at. Gonna take my velcro dart board next year. At just over £40 a round I think the landlady was happy with what we were putting over and we eventually headed back to the camp site but only after two smack heads had been filled in by some locals. One of them was in a bad way and it was time to leave the boozer before a gang of 14 drunken scousers were framed by the welsh version of inspector Morse. So it was a few more beers at the camp site in our base which was two gazebo’s put together. It was a chilly night and soon it was time to head of to the tent as this big session on the ale was to be followed by an even bigger one on the Saturday.

So after a breezy night, in more way than one with the amount of male induced wind in our tent,we didnt blow away and it was a lovely morning and the camp site had a cracking view of Benllech Bay. I was up too early for my liking with the chance of a lie in with new kids passed up it was about 8am. So I trundled off to the local garage to refuel on some diet coke. Breakfast was cooked by the chef’s of the party and very good they were as well and after a sausage barm it was time for a beer and a game of boules which me and my partner Alan won 11-3 (nice fiver won there) So it was back to The Benllech arms to watch some rugby at 11.30 am in the morning and prepare ourselves for the three world cup footy games which were on the day. The pub had cleaned up the blood from where the smackhead had been filled in and we were told he was in a critical condition the poor sod. Luckily for us the police knew who it was and the envisaged blockade of the island to stop up leaving was never set up. In the distance my eyes were caught by a flash of pink. On turning around it was then I noticed a lad dressed in what I can only call shocking cycling gear. One of the lads asked him “was he the only gay in the village?” but I dont think he was to impressed. I managed to get a photo of him by persuading my boules partner Alan to pose for a picture. That will be the first and last time I ever take a picture of a male in pink lycra, unless its myself of course ;0) Its most probably wise not to mention the game of “Roulette” which took place during this part of the drinking session.

One of the locals told us of a pub up the road which would be good to watch the match in so we headed up to The Gwesty Plas Ganrafron. It had a massive TV and we watched the 2nd game of the day there. The tactical chip barm at The Jolly Fryer was doing the trick. So it was a quick visit back to base camp for a BBQ and more beers. Me and Alan played the boule legend that is Bob and after going 3-1 down we found Bob’s weak point playing up the hill and we stormed back to win 11-3 and another fiver in the pocket. Whilst having the BBQ Mark revealed his magic flip flops. They were indeed flip flops with a bottle opener built in underneath. Quite handy indeed unless as somebody pointed out you had stood in some dog shit.

So into the pub for the England game and we got all the fans in the mood by getting the pub to join in with our footy songs. Still cant believe the goal we let in and we even had a conga planned should England score again but you guessed it they let us down, not for the first time eh. So we headed back down to the Benllech Arms but had a quick game of supermarket sweep on the way down. A few more games of killer pool and the kitty had run out. A couple of ciders later (I like a cider after about 14 pints) and it was time to head back to the camp site for a last few beers. The day was catching up with me and I headed to the tent but in one last act of defiance 4 lads went back in for a last beer and I hopped back into the beer gazebo’s with my sleeping bag on looking like one of those glow worm toys babies hve. Peter then delivered a magical music quiz whilst improving his ipod skills at the same time and I was pipped at the post for the win. Some of the songs were pretty old and poor old Craig who is in his early 20’s and ended up last and was even beaten by my father in law who had fell asleep after about 5 mins of the quiz as he so eloquently put it “Im even getting beat by a man who’s asleep” So I hopped back into the tent and was up early again. (Its a bit worrying for Glastonbury that I was waking up early in the tent) Another great breakfast cooked and it was time to pack up and head back to Liverpool. So a few beers tonight to ween myself of the grog. Whilst at the shop buying my booze I had two Benllech flashbacks. Firstly somebody had been filled in outside the Dealers Arms in Garston and then in Moss Street where I parked there were a pair of trainers hanging over a phone line. this I was told on the way home in the car is a sign that there is drug dealer in the vicinity. Urban myth ?? So thats that and I leave you with the anthem of the trip “Wet dreams” by Max Romeo. Thanks again to the group of teachers I gegg in with for the trip (the name of the school is withheld to protect the guilty) and after Gdansk 2008 Belfast 2009, Benllech 2009, Riga 2010 and Benllech 2010 I look forward to Feb 2011 for the next adventure.


Fay x x


7 thoughts on “A cultural review of Benllech.

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  1. once again young man so eloquently put. Good Times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    next year we will take inspector clouseau (prob wrong spell) and some string and cans!

  2. As Freddy would say…QUALITY! The whole weekend, not just taking money off the King.
    Should we now start a Facebook site to get Max Romeo as the new LFC boss?
    Already wishing my life away for the next one…

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