Pre Glasto blog an Panini stickers

So its here at last and we head off to Glastonbury Thursday morning. Only after I do a cheeky 7-10 in work, speaking of which my contract has been extended until the end of July so thats good news. So being the director of Faymondo Benefits Limited I decided to make it a double celebration and give all my staff time off to watch the England match at 3pm. So OK im the only person employed by Faymondo Benefits Limited but it was a nice gesture none the less. So with Mrs Fay and Helen who are coming to Glasto with me having kittens on what to pack it took me about 15 mins at half time in the match to sort out what to take. 4 pairs of shorts, 5 t-shirts, underwear, socks and some smellies. Job done. Have to make sure I dont forget my crate of cider as well. So the weather gods look like shining upon us at Glasto. Although after the recent emergency budget I was expecting a tax on sunshine (How can Clegg and any other Lib Dem sit throught this ?? )  The rough Glasto plan is as follows

Friday: Roger Sanchez (dance tent) Mcintosh Ross and Groove Armarda ( Cider and junk food)

Saturday : Seasick Steve, Imelda May, Pet Shop Boys and Lightning Seeds ( Cider and junk food)

Sunday: Norah Jones, Slash, Dr John and Faithless and either Stevie Wonder or The Orbital. (Cider and junk food)

Will catch lots more as well but thats the rough plan of action. I wonder if the match will be on Sunday ? Last plan of action will be to watch it on TV catchup on my iphone. Aiming to do a short blog each morning from Glasto so keep an eye out for them. So 4 days on the ale, eating shite food, not having a proper wash and full of hay fever, sounds like a normal week to me then.

So England made it through in the world cup and the flags and sales of booze and BBQ’s will keep on until at least Sunday. I hope we are still in it by the time I am back from Glasto as I havent been to a pub yet to watch the match. Back to the world cup theme and me and Elizabeth are collecting the official world cup stickers by Panini. Ok so its most probably more me wanting to collect them. I can tell that by the number of times I have moaned at Elizabeth for not putting a sticker in straight. She was however very excited at getting the shiny foil Portugal badge. I admit I am gonna cheat and buy a box of 100 packs of ebay and drip feed them to Elizabeth. Football 1981 was the first stickers I collected and it was just 5p per pack compared to 50p a pack now. My dad must of had a touch on the horses (or he was pissed) one day because he gave me a pound note to get 20 packs. To me that was a child winning the lottery. So if anybody has any swaps let us know as we have just got our first swap An Yong-Hak of North Korea or should that be The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. So until im ive got a hangover on a field and sweating my little bollocks of in a tent with two ladies, so Ok ones my wife and the other a mates ex. I will see you live at Glasto.


Fay x x


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